Why Obama took on the Catholic Church on contraception

It all boils down to basic math:

Unmarried women were among Barack Obama’s most loyal supporters in 2008, turning out in droves and delivering 70 percent of their votes to him. When many of them stayed home in the 2010 midterm election, Democrats lost the House and had their Senate majority trimmed. (Source)

Obama is no idiot. He knows the bishops’ arguments on “freedom of religion” won’t gain any traction. People will just say to themselves: I don’t believe it. This is America. There’s no way our freedoms are going to be violated. Especially not by such a cool-rock-ski as Obama. It can’t happen to us. The bishops must be exaggerating. Besides, what’s the problem if my insurance covers my contraception? Bonus!

Here’s another juicy quote from a news report on the lawsuits launched by various Catholic organizations against Obama’s policy:

Once upon a time the political left viewed Catholics and especially the bishops as their allies in using government to create more equal opportunity and redistribute income. But today’s Democratic Party puts a higher cultural value on sexual politics and expanded reproductive freedom. (Source, you may need a subscription to see the article)

Obama knows that most Catholics don’t follow Church teaching on contraception. He also knows that those Catholics will continue using contraception indefinitely because the bishops don’t have the guts to teach the Truth. Therefore, he has nothing to fear from the bishops. Catholics won’t be switching their votes. The ones that oppose contraception never voted for Obama. For the rest, they’re already his sex slaves, in a figurative manner of speaking. They won’t switch their votes.

Obama has stolen the flock. He has no more use for the bishops. Time to throw them away like a used condom.

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