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  1. I was just on Internet Archive reading some posts i had made years ago, and found this one from 2004.
    8 years later, We now have John kerry as Secretary of State who will presumably have direct relations with the sovereign state of Vatican City, and there is now the real possibility that his old nemesis Raymond Burke may become Pope. pass the popcorn.

    Kerry In Burke’s Crosshairs: Would refuse him Communion (written in 2004, posted on Christian Conservative Newswatch)

    John Kerry was probably not prepared for the awakening of a sleeping giant. But he may very well be placed in a position where soon, he will either have to deny his Saviour, Jesus Christ, or accept His teachings as preserved by scripture and church tradition, and reverse his public positions and actions in order to conform himself to them. He may well learn that there is a cost associated to following Christ, but that cost is nothing compared to what he will lose in the long run should he decide not to follow Him. As it is written in the Gospel according to Mark, 8:36 For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?

    Mr Kerry has long been on the wrong side of what is probably the defining issue of our time: abortion. And after years of being quiet on the subject some of the Bishops who have been raised up over the past few years are speaking out, and calling both lay Catholics, and politicians to task over their stands on the life issues.

    Bishop Raymond Burke of St Louis is fast becoming a household name in the United States, since he boldly called public officials professing Catholicism but denying Jesus through their actions to the carpet, and took the unusual step, after having contacting them privately, of ordering that Priests in the Diocese refuse them communion. He is now bringing this policy to St Louis, and this new office is affording him wider press than ever before.

    Bishop Burke has now said that if Democratic Presidential aspirant John Kerry was to present himself for Communion at a Mass he is officiating, that he would refuse the sacrament to Mr Kerry. Might this statement up the ante for Bishop Sean O’Malley of Kerry’s home diocese of Boston, who has asked Mr Kerry and others to voluntarily refrain from Communion, to raise the bar and formally bar them from the Eucharist? Nevertheless the pressure on other Bishops to act accordingly has been increased.

    This is not a unilateral action from Bishop Burke, but comes following a letter from the Pope earlier this year which stated clearly that all Catholics are responsible to uphold the teachings of the church when casting their ballots, with which they have been entrusted, and that politicians who identify themselves with the church must act in accordance with its teachings.

  2. Here’s another one i wrote about Burke back in 2004:
    This time I will include the link to the defunct website on Internet Archive: http://web.archive.org/web/20040219220544/http://christianconservative.org/
    Bishop Bars Catholic Politicians from Communion If They Support Anti-Life Legislation

    We are pleased to report that the jig is up for politicians who profess to be Catholics, yet support public policy that is in direct contradiction to Church teaching. At least in the Diocese of LaCrosse Wisconsin, and soon in the archdiocese of St Louis.

    Bishop Raymond Burke who has just published the pastoral letter On the Dignity of Human Life and Civic Responsibility,” reminding individual Catholics that they are under an obligation as voters to use their vote, over which they have been given stewardship to uphold the church teachings with respect to the sanctity of life.

    Bishop Burke also sent a Notification to all Catholic politicians informing them that he will be enforcing canon law, to wit, that unless they repent of their contradictory beliefs they will not be allowed to present themselves for Holy Communion, and that should they do so, they are to be refused.

    Bishop Burke will shortly assume his new office as Archbishop of the Archdiocese of St. Louis and is expected to make a similar proclamation there shortly.

    These proclamations, based on recent statements from the Vatican will put increasing pressure on other Bishops to follow suit and soon, it will be more and more difficult for professing Catholic politicians to make the excuse that their public actions do not have to co-incide with their personal beliefs since their civic duty to act in accordance with the wishes of their constituents must outweigh their personal faith in the execution of their office.

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