Why media apparatchiks are hostile to Pope Benedict

Personally, I do not play golf, know almost nothing about it, do not belong to a golf club and find the rules of the game pointless. For me, golf is a ludicrous way of spoiling good fields. But I do not write articles here every week about what should happen when pine needles piled for removal interfere with the line of play. Nor am I afforded space on the sports pages to issue persistent demands that the golfing authorities change the rules to make them seem less ridiculous to me. I assume that those who wish to play golf are happy to abide by the rules of the game and to accept the logic behind its regulation.

And is it not odd that the first recourse of many who cannot live up to the demands of Christianity is to demand the adaptation of those teachings to their personal needs rather than ask themselves whether they have misunderstood something about the church, reality or themselves? To adopt another sporting metaphor: a striker who fails to score enough goals does not get a platform for claims that the goals [posts] should be enlarged, but a Catholic who says he cannot live up to the church’s expectation of its members is regarded as a worthy victim, if not a hero…(Source)

Ain’t that the truth.

Memo to the whiners inside and outside of the Church:  we’re not your door mat. If you can’t accept the Church’s discipline and the natural law and you’re all hot to change God’s laws, then do us all a favour and get out.  No one is forcing you to accept what the Catholic Faith is and always will be.

Go your way and take your whining, snivelling narcissm and condoms with you.  Orgasm yourself into oblivion, if you must, but don’t demand that we must follow you and/or pay for your messy business. 

You’re taking up a spot on the bench of someone who wants in and currently can’t see what the Catholic Church is because of your presence.

Why is it that you want the Catholic Church’s assent, anyway?  Is it a conscience thing for you?  If you’re able to win over the Catholic Church, do you think your conscience will stop pricking you?  Well, it won’t, even if you were able to do it…which you won’t of course. We’ll always be here to be your thorn, and to call you to the truth.  Come hell or high water or death.  Count on it.

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