Why IgniteTV is Necessary

As many of you know, I’ve been helping out Damian Goddard with his ballsy venture called IgniteTV.  

You can see, by watching the first video, that Damian is a professional by the quality of the product he has put forward.  It’s in its infancy stage, and will improve and expand over time.   There’s a great opportunity here.  Something like IgniteTV is absolutely necessary in the culture war for three simple reasons:

1) Exposure – IgniteTV will provide another avenue to get the message out and even to convert people.  Yes, that word “convert”…so  politically and ecclesiastically incorrect these days.  We’re not the liars and the scammers that you see in the mainstream media who lie about being “objective”. We have a Catholic point of view and we argue that point of view with the people who we will be challenging.  With a professional and slick presentation, the social conservative viewpoint will get some more exposure.  IgniteTV’s presence is even more important as basic freedoms and perspectives in the secular world are being slowly squeezed out.  We need to regain turf and attention for the family and the truth. IgniteTV provides the means to do it.

2) Legitimacy – With professional video, there is immediate credibility and legitimacy.  It takes your organization and the message you are trying to communicate to another level.  Like it or not, it gives “official” status to your venture.  Official does not mean “establishment”.  In fact, IgniteTV is un-establishment.  We exist, in part, because of the establishment media’s bias and anti-family message.  But official does mean “in the game”.  We are aiming to be the “official” opponent of the liberal media in Canada.  In time, we think we can reach that goal, and you’re going to help us get there.  With legitimacy comes pressure on the culture at large and a “balancing” in the media.  If the media is coming to cover an event, and that event is being covered by IgniteTV, the players become more on edge knowing that what they say and how they vote is going to be broadcast far and wide to their constituencies.  The days of the media being on their “side” are over.  Accountability is the order of the day.  And IgniteTV is going to bring that pressure to bear in spades.

3) Rallying Point – We also hope that IgniteTV will serve as a rallying point of action for our viewers.  Whenever something big is happening or we need to marshal the forces, we’re going to bring our camera to bear like Thor’s hammer.  There’s nothing like a Camera and the viewership to help put things into perspective for politicians.  By being a rally point for various social conservative groups around the country, IgniteTV can become the place “to go” to find out what we need to do, how we should do it, and when do it.

Let’s make that spark into an inferno and burn the hell out of this culture.

One thought on “Why IgniteTV is Necessary

  1. Thank you! Canada has been lagging behind our neighbour to the south in this respect. Finally, someone has taken up the gauntlet here at home. You have my prayerful support, Damian.

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