Why I Oppose Gay Marriage

…I do not need the state to recognize my love, thanks Keith. Now I’d like at least all heterosexuals, if not their loudmouth gay friends, to shut the hell up on the matter. It does not impress me that you have compassion for gay people; I simply do not think you are a mouthbreathing dingbat for finding anything at all wrong with homosexual behavior. That’s the expected default, get it? Now stop trying to force your oppressive, frilly, and boring traditional institutions meant to ensure monogamy on my hot, promiscuous, anonymous gay sex…. (Source: Gays Against Gay Marriage)

That’s a refreshing change from a minority within the Homosexual Movement.

Just a small quibble with the post, however:  one of my children might end up being a doctor who treats your cancer or the STDs that you’ve contracted because of your hot gay sex.  But, not to worry, friend. I’ll make sure that she reminds you that you preferred not to contribute to her education (by paying your fair share of education taxes), and instead that sacrifice was born by us stuffy, baroque heteros.

That is – in case you have not figured it out yet – the reason why the State has a vested interest in supporting the traditional family.  Life and society is more than just “your hot, promiscuous, anonymous gay sex”, after all.  Time to dump your so-60s-God-is-dead Nihilism, pal, and realize that your life is supposed to have meaning in this life and in the next.

4 thoughts on “Why I Oppose Gay Marriage

  1. Gay cancer??????

    …contributed to her education???? Every home owner pays school tax. Doesn’t matter if they are gay or straight. Oh, wait, there is one group that doesn’t contribute! The church. Why does the church hate education?

    • Hon, read the Gay man’s post again. He doesn’t think he should be encumbered with paying taxes to support the educational system:

      If you have kids, YOU pay to educate them. If you can’t afford it, don’t have kids. If you were too irresponsible to use birth control or too religious to have an abortion, you deserve to be poor. Really, if you’re that irresponsible, your kids are unlikely to turn out very much better with a crappy public education. Either way, it is none of my business or responsibility to educate something that gushed forth from someone else’s innards.

      And as far as the Church “hating education” or not “contributing” to education, just how ignorant of the Church’s mission and history can you be?

  2. I wonder why no one quotes statistics for HIV/AIDS from the Center for Disease Control, or The Public Health Agency of Canada, or the fact that Canadian Blood Services does not accept blood from gay men, because of the high risk of anal sex diseases that cause dis-function of the lower bowel tract, which are endemic in the homosexual population. Sodomy is extremely morbid. The people who normalize and legalize this activity as a human right, and recruit young schoolchildren from Kindergarten, ought not to be re-elected.
    It’s not about discrimination – but about common sense and verifiable scientific facts.

    This is a letter I got with a mountain of scientific facts on this issue. Very few seem to give a rip regarding this,while at the same time resort to name calling. Normalizing Sodomy to innocent impressionable schoolchildren is diabolical.

  3. Why are all the Canadian Governments, Courts and schools legalizing and normalizing this morbid behavior as a human right, and then allowing impressionable schoolchildren to be recruited into this unhealthy lifestyle as a human right by Government decree and Court enforcement? Has almost everyone in Canada gone stark raving mad? In a democracy like ours the responsibility for this is in the hands of the voting citizens, whether you call yourselves Catholic, Protestant, Agnostic,or Atheist.

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