Why Ezra’s Official Jews Need Some of their Own Medicine

As a Catholic, I’ve always looked at Jews favourably. 

But I will be very honest with you. If it was not for that unofficial Jew, Ezra Levant, that whole perception would have radically changed by now in light of who is fueling the whole HRC racket.

Ezra’s hillarious “Official Jews” label that he stuck on organizations like the Canadian Jewish Congress and B’nai Brith has disarmed any real animosity towards Jews.  In fact, I would wager that Ezra Levant has single handedly been able to not only denormalize the HRCs, but he’s been able to deflect any real anger towards the Jewish community as a result of the outrageous support of the HRCs by the aforementioned groups.  In fact, he’s probably done more to elevate the respect and admiration for Canadian Jews during the past eight months more than B’nai Brith and the CJC have done in their entire existence.  This is quite the feat, considering the hell the “Official Jews” have unleashed on Christian leaders and communities these past number of years by using the HRCs as personal kafka kourts to do their bidding, all the while turning a blind eye towards Christians who are being pummelled by the OJ’s liberal allies in gaydom.

Now that the shoe is on the other foot and B’nai Brith has been tagged with a ridiculous “human rights complaint” of its own, everything changes and now the law has to bend so the Official Jewish organizations can get off, while, presumably, the train keeps running over helpless Christian pastors, priests, and peasants.

 B’nai Brith doesn’t want human rights commissions abolished. “There is a problem, we need reform but the jurisdictions [over hate speech] are worth keeping,” he said. Commissions have developed “without a full range of procedural safeguards, with informality. That was not a problem until a series of abusive complaints,” Matas said. In its brief to Moon, BBC warns that human rights commissions are unprepared and ill-equipped to deal with ideological complaints driven by political Islam. B’nai Brith has urged reforms that include limiting complaints to a single jurisdiction, awarding costs against those who attempt to abuse the system by harassing “bona fide respondents” and educating investigators on the “get-political context within which they operate.”

Where the hell were these guys when average Canadians were getting run over by the fascists at the HRCs? Were they blind? Or were they simply using the HRCs and their Star Chamber Courts to advance their own paranoid dementia of “hate crimes”, all the while ignoring the genuine stripping of Canadian Civil Liberties?

Well perhaps we need to keep the HRCs in place for a while longer and give the “Official Jews” a taste of their own medicine. I see no reason why the Official Jews should be above the law. After all, they had a hand in forming it and fomenting it.  It only seems fair that they should taste some of the fruit they’ve been forcing down our throats all these years.

I still don’t have an anti-semitic bone in my body, thanks be to God.

But that’s thanks to Ezra Levant, not to the Official Jews.

3 thoughts on “Why Ezra’s Official Jews Need Some of their Own Medicine

  1. Hilarious. Absolutely hilarious.

    When it finally dawns on the glass eyed fanatics that every single thing the “nazi’s” have been saying for years about Jews is true, does the Catholic whose religion has been under assault for years from organized Jewry begin to complain?

    No, he thanks God he is not an anti-semite!

    Nothing leaps to mind more than a scene from Mars Attacks, where the granol types were rushing toward the martians, who were blasting away with their death rays at the granola types while yelling ” No, wait! We are your friends”!

  2. As a matter of curiousity, how much do you enjoy organized Jewry telling you who you can and cannot have as saints (Pius II) and telling you that Christian symbols are not permitted in public while planting Menhorrahs on the White House lawn?

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