Why did CIDA cut Development and Peace’s funding? (Socon or Bust Cited In Article)

Check out this follow-up article over at Embassy magazine.  It gives us the official skinny on why Development & Peace got their funding cut.

Here are some notable sections worth commenting on:

Observers are questioning whether a Montreal-based development group’s advocacy work and a campaign against it from within its own donor community played into the government’s decision to fund less than one-third of its $49.2-million, five-year request. But a government spokesperson says the decision was based on the merits of the group’s proposal.

Officially speaking. 😎

The “merits” of Development & Peace’s  proposals have never changed in 40 years.  It’s been the same socialist, marxist gravy train for decades.  Something else was at play here.  And we already know what it was (at least in part), according to CIDA itself, as Embassy’s earlier report indicated:

“CIDA is responsible, particularly in times of fiscal restraint, for ensuring Canadian tax payers’ dollars deliver value for money and the strongest results in the lives of people in need,” he added.

Layoffs to the medium-to-large-sized group’s about 70 staff are also likely coming, Mr. Casey confirmed. Its national council has told management to plan for a 26 per cent budget cut.  The overall impact will be “fairly major,” he said, primarily affecting international programs through the group’s network of partner organizations, but also touching on its Canadian operations.

And whose fault is this?  Staff have to be laid off because Development & Peace got too bloated and corrupt, and it finally got reflected in their reduced level of funding.  That, ultimately, is the fault of Management.  In the real world, when disaster strikes a company and it’s the Executive’s fault, then the Executive should be taking the hit, before anyone else.  Or is that not how Social Justice works these days at Development & Peace?  The peasant workers get the axe while the bourgeouise management keep their six figure salaries?  Who does D&P think it is anyway, the Boston Archdiocese’s chancery?  What kind of rich corporate welfare scam is this?  If I were a D&P member, I’d be asking for resignation up and down the corporate Board Room table.  Why don’t the Occupiers occupy D&P head offices in Montreal and Toronto?  Stop the cuts! Stop the cuts!

Mr. Casey said he doesn’t know whether the funding decision had anything do with the group’s advocacy work, or its membership in KAIROS. But Tony Martin, a Catholic former NDP MP … cited the KAIROS funding decision, and another government decision in December cutting funding to the Mennonite Central Committee, which is also a member of KAIROS. The committee had asked CIDA for $2.9 million a year for the next three years for food, water, and income support for thousands of people in seven developing countries. It was turned down, along with dozens of other groups that had applied for CIDA funding. The process was part of a new calls-for-proposals funding scheme introduced after Development and Peace submitted its request. CIDA did select three other KAIROS members or their affiliates for funding in that new process: the Christian Reformed Church in North America’s development arm, the Presbyterian Church in Canada, and the Primate’s World Relief and Development Fund. Other members may not have even applied.

1.  Development & Peace supported Kairos.  Socon or Bust blogged about that many months ago.  I’m sure being a supporter of Kairos had something to do with their funding being cut.  And I’ll tell you how Socon or Bust had a part to play in that too a little later.

2.  Notice above that not all KAIROS supporters got cut…just the ones who don’t provide a bang for the government’s buck.

Division from within

For John Pacheco, the funding decision shows that hard work pays off. “I’m thrilled,” he said.

Yes I am.  Not at the layoffs. No.  But that D&P is being shaved back significantly and must now rely more on the Church’s moral teaching in its funding decisions, yes I am.

The Ottawa Catholic made it his mission for the last three years, through his social conservative blog Socon or Bust, to call out Development and Peace for what he says is its funding, through partner groups in developing countries, of abortion and contraception services that go against Catholic principles. Other Internet-savvy Catholics have spread the word.

That’s not exactly how I said it (at least at first). I said that D&P was supporting groups who advocated for abortion and contraceptive services, but did not actually provide those services. However, I then did mention D&P’s recent  escapade in Haiti which validates what Ms. Shane is referring to when she says “groups providing contraception services”, as well as that book about how to self-abort.

Mr. Casey denies the accusation.

Hey, Mike!  Read this carefully:  You. can’t. hide. any. more.  The. jig. is. up. Click. Below.

Mr. Pacheco publicized a Canadian international aid charity rating done by Money Sense magazine in 2011 in which Development and Peace ranks a B. While it excelled in fundraising efficiency, it lacked efficiency in terms of money going to programs and it only scored one out of 10 in governance and transparency.

The post referenced above can be read here:   Development & Peace Ranks Dead Last In “Overall Charity Efficiency”.

He’s urged CIDA to stop funding the development group, and said he knows a number of people who sent letters saying as much to CIDA and Treasury Board President Tony Clement, who also had a say in whether the group got its funding renewed.

I have reproduced my letter to Tony Clement below.  You’ll see how I notified Mr. Clement of Development & Peace’s

  • poor efficiency and transparency rating from Money Sense magazine
  • strong association with Kairos and how Development and Peace was a founding member!
  • the guy with the mask being funded by Canadian taxpayers

Now, if Kairos was the reason that the government yanked D&P’s spending, you can be sure that the Conservative government were, at the very least, reminded of D&P’s involvement from concerned Catholics.

Mr. Pacheco said he thought the focus on transparency and inefficiency “had a big sway” in the government’s decision to cut Development and Peace’s funding.   But Mr. Casey said he thought the campaign of people like Mr. Pacheco is a separate issue, and he’s not sure of the level of policy influence it had on the government in international development.

The government forms its funding opinion depending on whether the applicant is on board with the government’s mandate and agenda.  Development & Peace does not have a conservative agenda.  It’s a radical, socialist, abortion-enabling, eco-worshipping outfit that is completely at odds with even milk toast conservatism that’s in power in Canada today.

Development & Peace failed in fiscal stewardship.  It failed in social stewardship.  It failed in political stewardship (i.e. being neutral).  It failed in transparency.  And it failed among the Catholic constituency it purports to represent.  When you fail that much and the government is informed of that failure through concerned citizens, guess what?  The gravy train stops.


November 7, 2011

Hon. Tony Clement, President of the Treasury Board,  tony.clement@parl.gc.ca

cc. Hon. Bev Oda, Minister of International Cooperation,  Oda.B@parl.gc.ca cc. Prime Minister Stephen Harper,  pm@pm.gc.ca

Dear Tony,

I am writing to you to express my deep disappointment in CIDA’s approval to fund a $50 million funding request by the Canadian Catholic Organization for Development and Peace (D&P).

This organization has been beset with notorious scandals over the past three years, to the point where the Catholic bishops of the country have had to establish an oversight committee to ensure its funding decisions are consistent with the organization’s Catholic roots.  Things have gotten so bad that our own bishops have started to withhold their own diocesan contributions and even blocked the speaking engagements of D&P’s tax payer-funded partners here in Canada.

While the government may or may not be concerned with the actual controversies themselves (much of it centering around funding groups who are working to overturn abortion laws in the Global South and perhaps even undermining the sovereignty of these nations, for instance), it should be concerned with an organization which proclaims itself it to be one thing and then does another thing in practice.

It’s a matter of transparency and credibility, Tony.

In the Summer 2011 edition of MoneySense, for instance, the magazine featured an article which assessed the performance of Canadian charities (see p.44-51). On the issue of Governance and Transparency, D&P received a ‘C-’ (1.0 out of 10), tying 3 other charities (including Amnesty International) for the lowest ranking.  Moreover, in the category of Overall Charity Efficiency, Development & Peace received a grade of C+, the lowest of all 15 charities, with only 72.3% of spending going to programs.

In this age of accountability and austerity measures, is it prudent for the Canadian government to be rewarding rogue organizations which attempt to block access to information requests (like the CBC does), engage in false and defamatory smear campaigns, and have little regard to openness, accountability, and transparency?  Canadians expect the government of Canada to reward legitimate development and aid organizations which are efficiently run, transparent, and effective.  By any objective standard, Development and Peace should not be receiving any money whatsoever until it improves on all of these fronts.   Certainly, the Conservative government was not elected to foster unaccountability and inefficiency – especially in the very austere times which are surely coming.

Apart from the stark organizational deficiencies, there are other ideological issues at play here as well.  First of all, D&P served as a founding member of KAIROS which had their funding cut by CIDA in 2009 for their political involvements.  In 2010, Michael Casey, the current Executive Director of Development and Peace, was appointed to the Member-at-large position on the KAIROS board executive.  Is KAIROS receiving any money from Development & Peace?  I think you should find out because we can’t.  Canadian taxpayers have as much problem getting information out of D&P, as we do the CBC.

The fact is, Tony, D&P funds some pretty radical organizations with a Marxist bent – not only in terms of groups advocating for the spread of abortion, but they also sponsor some shady organizations throughout the whole spectrum of socio-economic thought as well.

See the guy here below with the mask on? That’s from a D&P “partner” website, financed courtesy from Canadian tax revenue. (Click on the picture to learn more).

And there are many other examples too.

The reality is, Tony, that the Conservative government was not elected to export Marxist socio-economic philosophy.  Nor was it elected to prop up organizations whose efficiency and transparency are a massive FAIL.

Please do your part to consider either denying or severely curtailing any monies allocated to Development & Peace from CIDA.  There are many other worthy organizations who are not embroiled in internal scandal and squabbling and who are more deserving of our trust and money.  Redirect the money to international organizations who are fighting family break down which is the real root cause of much poverty.  It might not be the politically correct answer among the socialists and chattering classes, but that only means it’s likely to be (and it is) the truth.

Yours very truly,

John Pacheco

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  1. Okay….you are telling me that Development and Peace have head offices in BOTH Montreal and Toronto. What is wrong with this picture? Why does any Catholic give good hard-earned money to support corporate executives anyways? If you want to help the poor- DO NOT GIVE ONE ‘RED’ CENT TO DEVELOPMENT AND PEACE THIS WEEKEND.

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