Whose the dumb ass now?

Liberal: Dumb ass social conservatives keep peddling these damnable lies that you have to actually have kids to sustain a population.  They say that our imperialist immigration policies are only a short term solution that will quickly erode in time, and that, my aberrant sex life actually means a loss of a standard of living?!?! What a joke.  What kind of nut actually believes that crap?

Social Conservative: Well, if you stop your rants for a wee bit and actually look at REALITY, you might, just maybe, reconsider your selfish and culturally suicidal ways, Buckwheat.

FREDERICTON – Atlantic Canada will become the Third World of the 21st century unless provincial governments immediately get to work on population growth, predicts the Atlantic Institute for Market Studies…”We have an aging population and we need to maintain a workforce that’s able to produce a tax base to pay for our social programs such as health care and education.” Munro said Atlantic governments are mired in policies dating from the 1970s, when the big problem in the region was high unemployment – too many jobs and not enough workers… (Source)

Whose the dumb ass now? 

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