Whole Lotta Shakin’ Going On – The Rattling of the Abortion Establishment

This year’s March for Life was another resounding success, with an estimated 25,000 people attending the popular family event.  (Never mind what the CBC reported.  Do you really care or expect any differently?)

There were also a few notable events that occurred this year that bear mentioning.

Bishop Fabbro, who was in the past criticized for being soft on the pro-life witness, stepped up to the plate and exhorted Catholics to stand firm in the face of a hostile culture of death:

“It’s important for us as Catholics, as followers of Jesus, not to be silent,” Fabbro emphasized. “To stand up for what we believe. To stand up, show our solidarity for the vulnerable, the poor, for the unborn, people young and old, people from all parts of our country will be speaking out with one voice: abortion is wrong. “It violates a fundamental human right: the right to life.” “It takes courage to stand up for what we believe. We can count on being ridiculed and silenced. The message we keep hearing from the secular society in which we live is that we have no business bringing our religious convictions into the public square,” he added. (Source)

During the previous evening at the Human Rights monument, one teacher on the front-lines in our Catholic schools related a story of inspiration:

Paul Coates, a teacher from Fr. Austin Secondary School in Whitby, Ontario, told the numerous young people in the crowd to be courageous in defending life. “Don’t take ‘No’ for an answer. Go into your schools and be pro-life.” Coates shared how his decades long effort to create a pro-life environment in his school led to students booing a number of politicians who visited his school one day and admitted they were for abortion. (Source)

And from prison itself, the indomitable and pro-life heroine, Mary Wagner, sent participants words of hope and encouragement:mfl-2014-2

We are entrusted with children as a family but also as a society and we are responsible for them before God. If we are Christians we know that the Commandment to love is not limited to our family, and therefore we must extend our love to others, especially to the most neglected and abandoned. (Source)

Now, with the back-drop of all these inspirational messages and stories, we need to understand that public pro-life witness is not all a bed of roses.  This year, for instance, we were graced with another attempted disruption by FEMEN – the nutty bare-breasted young women who think baring their breasts will advance the abortion argument in their favour.  Strange but true.

But that was not the only thing shaking at this year’s March for Life.  No indeed.  Every year, the abortion edifice becomes a little less stable, a little less solid.  Every year, another nail is popped. Another year, and the public becomes a little less sure of abortion.  In fact, I noticed just that as I walking down Elgin Street during the March. I happened to look to my left and saw three young women who were rather shocked and perplexed…confused even.  Maybe everyone isn’t as pro-choice as the media says they are.  Maybe I need to rethink my views on the subject.  Maybe all these people marching here are on to something. There is something being dislodged in this country, and that something is the grip that abortion has on us.  The slow collapse is not really noticeable.  But it’s there.  Social movements are all about momentum and projection.  And right now, it’s all going our way. We just need to be vigilant and keep at it.

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One thought on “Whole Lotta Shakin’ Going On – The Rattling of the Abortion Establishment

  1. There are striking parallels between what happened to the unwanted in the Third Reich and what’s happening to the unwanted today in so-called “neutral” Democratic Western Secular Pagan Lands.When The Third Reich was classifying and killing so-called non-persons, Canada and Western Civilization was Christian in Government,Law and Education, where school teachers led their students in The Lord’s Prayer and Sex Education was dating,courtship and waiting for sex in faithful marriage to one of the opposite sex.The Ten Commandments were on Government House,Court House and Schoolhouse Walls,and in the people’s minds.This all changed starting in only 1962 when Western Governments Sanctioned a New Worldview-Religion of so-called “neutral” Secularism.Then all sorts of evil started to be legislated and enforced on everyone.The ones who object to these wicked practices get put in jail.

    It is the same kind of depraved Nazi mentality. So-called “neutral”Secular Democratic Paganism does not respect human life and it dehumanizes certain people and then kills them.The Nazis dehumanized their victims by calling them subhuman, non-human, parasites, animals, objects, and non-persons. The same terminology dominates today’s pro-abortion semanticists.

    Do you realize that the Nazis “technically” did not break the “LAW” in the Holocaust ? They passed over 400 “LAWS “leading up to the final solution. Each defendant at Nuremberg invoked the ”LAW” to justify their involvement in the Holocaust. They said they were not responsible.Does their excuse sound familiar my fellow Canadians and the rest of Western Civilization?

    “WHAT IS LEGAL IS MORAL,” is a frightening statement used to justify all kinds of atrocities throughout history, and today in the so-called “neutral” Secular Democratic West.

    Legality and scientific racialism was used to exterminate natives in Australia, Africa, North and South America, India,the killing of Jews and of killing the unwanted today. Legality was also used to justify slavery and the slave trade. Secular Paganism is dishonest when it says its neutral,and it is not a worldview-religion which indoctrinates schoolchildren into it’s tenets starting with Kindergarteners.

    The main term used by the pro-abortion propagandist is the term “CHOICE”. The right to choose.
    The main term used by the Nazis to cover up their killing was “SELECTION”. The right to select.
    It was the Nazi doctors who were making selections in the Nazis death camps.
    It is so-called neutral Secular doctors today, in conjunction with pregnant women, who are making “choices” in the abortion chambers.Our Education Establishments indoctrinate them in the tenets of Secular Paganism from Kindergarten through University.
    The right to select in the past and the right to choose today represents the “villainous” power to destroy those who cannot defend themselves.

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