Who Invited Gaillardetz?

The fact that Richard Gaillardetz was invited to address the Canadian Bishops is a disgrace.

Guaillardetz will come and go, but his appearance is not the real issue or the real question.

The real question is: who invited Gaillardetz to speak?

Was it a bishop, influential priest, or the General Secretary? Just who exactly picked up the phone and called him?

That’s what I want to know.

3 thoughts on “Who Invited Gaillardetz?

  1. I agree with Mr. Pacheco. I would also like to know who invited Mr. Gaillardetz. Given Mr. Gaillardetz’s background, I have to wonder why he was invited. Did someone not know? Was someone simply not aware of Mr. Gaillardetz’s background? Were they pressed for time? Did they have difficulty finding someone else? Did Mr. Gaillardetz pressure the CCCB to allow him to speak at the conference? How did his name come up, and did no one bother to do a little “Googling” on his background? As Catholic, I find it very difficult to defend the selection of Mr. Gaillardetz to speak at the Plenary conference. I also find it difficult to financially support such undertakings.

  2. If the church was a corporation, its conduct over the past 40 years would result in a shareholder revolt and the appointment of a new Board of Directors.

    I suggest we should consider organizing a petition for the wholesale resignation of the RC Bishops of Canada, enabling Rome to appoint a fresh slate.

    Of course, some of them would rightly be re-appointed – there are surely a few good apples. But for the most part they have signally failed and continue to fail to lead their flocks according to their mandate and have forfeited that confidence and trust that Bishops traditionally enjoy.

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