Where’s the money going?

Catholics should be calling on the bishops, at their upcoming meeting, to demand that D&P release the names and the dollar amounts. If the reform has been authentic, it shouldn’t be a problem. Real transparency is crucially needed at this time.

Parish priests, when the Share Lent collection comes around in five months, may be forced to tell D&P they will withhold the cheques until a complete list is published – one that does not contain even one group that opposes Catholic moral teachings.

Exactly.  This financial concealment has gone on long enough.  This is more than just social justice.   This is about transparency and accountability and honesty.

Socon or Bust has uncovered yet another pro-contraception group that Development & Peace is (or at least was) supporting until a couple of months ago.  Since then, their website has been subsequently scrubbed of ALL of their partners.

We’ll be bringing down that hammer during the Plenary.

If the bishops can’t account for the money they’ve been given for genuine development and aid purposes, then they should not be entrusted with any money whatsoever for anything of substance, except keeping the hydro on in the Church.  It’s as simple as that.

Obviously, they have a serious problem with presumption to access our charitable giving.  I think Catholics need to disabuse the bishops of that presumption until they clean up their act.

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