Where’s the Beef?

A reader asks…

Will our bishops do the same?

No.  I could be wrong, but I can’t see it happening, James.  There’s not one of them that will go it alone and do the right thing. They would have to do it in convoy and that’s why it will never happen.

It took them three years to get D&P to change direction (and that’s not even guaranteed) on something that was internal and beyond question.  It’s something that should have taken 10 minutes…tops, and it dragged, and dragged, and dragged.  All the cows have not come home on that one, either.   Do we really believe that they would have implemented even the modest controls they have, if the light wasn’t shining on them 24/7 for the past three years? I very much doubt it.  Church politicians only move when they have something to lose.  $13.6 million dollars says that the bishops are not serious (I mean really serious) about being pro-life.  If they were, they wouldn’t be stashing all this cash away for that rainy day.  For what…precisely…may I ask?  For all the blather about social justice, D&P and the CCCB are swimming in cash and make the banksters look poor in comparison.  (Where are the Occupiers when you need them?  Have I got a prime location for them here in Ottawa.)   Just like typical leftists, they’re all for wealth distribution, provided it’s not their wealth and they’re not the subject of the distribution.  

But for calling a Catholic politician on the carpet for abortion?  Not bloody likely.  They won’t even take the faintest step to save our “Catholic” schools from the Rainbow brigade.  How do we expect them to take on a much more volatile question, by reminding Catholic politicians that they’re supposed to be Catholic first and politicians second?  I’m not talking about sending some useless letter addressed to a Catholic politician, either – as if that’s going to change anything.  I’m talking about an invitation to our obstinate “Catholic” pro-abort politicians  1) to  learn what the Catholic Faith teaches about human life 2) to study and reflect on it and 3) to be honest and formally leave the Church or to embrace the Catholic Church’s teaching publicly.  And if the said “Catholic” politician won’t do the first part of  #3, the bishop has a solemn duty to do it for him.  It’s the only honest thing to do. The bishop would only be acknowledging what the rest of us already know.

That takes a lot of guts and guts is in short supply these days among the Episcopacy.  The only thing we have going for us is that a lot of these bishops’ number is up in a few years, as they retire.  There’s no incentive for them to do anything with McGuilty’s open “pro-choice” views, for instance, unlike the D&P abortion scandal where their very credibility was on the line as Catholic bishops, and everybody knew it.

Just like the generation they “shepherded”, these bishops have about the same moral fibre. 

One day soon, it will just be a bad dream….like the Masses that pass off as circuses…or vice versa.

The only thing we can do today is just pray for their repentance and conversion…and for the years to pass quickly so we can return to some sanity in the Church.

The Canadian bishops’ resolve and seriousness in fighting the Culture of death is like that old Wendy’s commercial in the mid-80s where we, the laity, as represented by the old woman, take off the hamburger bun and ask sardonically, where’s the beef

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