Baby Joseph Needs the Church’s Voice But Where (OH WHERE) is the Diocese of London, the CCCB, and Salt+Light TV?


Let me get this straight.

Baby Joseph is about to have his tubes pulled which will mean he will die.

Fr. Pavone, the American pro-life priest and head of Priests for Life, has offered to pay to have Baby Joseph moved to a U.S. hospital.

The Washington-based Christian Defense Coalition announced Tuesday that they and the Terri Schiavo Life and Hope Network are holding two prayer gatherings in London, Ontario this weekend for Joseph. The prayer and public witness events will be on Saturday, March 5, from 12:00-2:00 p.m. and Sunday, March 6, from 1:00-3:00 p.m. in front of the London Health Sciences Centre’s Children’s Hospital.  They will be held on the corner of Wellington and Commissioners Rd. There will also be a rally in support of Joseph’s family on Saturday from 4:00-6:00 p.m.  Location to be announced. (Source)

So the Americans are coming into our own backyard to save a Canadian baby?

Do I have that right?

Where is Bishop Fabbro, the Chair of the Ad Hoc Commitee for Life and Family, in all of this? This whole drama is happening in his own backyard (London) and there has not even been a press release or statement from the Diocese expressing support for the family in a very important pro-life battle in this country.  There does not appear to be anything on their flashy new website about anything concerning Baby Joseph or the controversy at all.  Am I missing something? Surely the diocese has said or done something about this crisis. 

There’s a lot of talk about “stepping up” on pro-life issues by our bishops, but when a REALLY, REALLY BIG ONE PRESENTS ITSELF, nothing gets said or done.  We always have to pull and drag them, sometimes kicking and screaming,  to do their jobs.

Not surprising, of course…considering.

And what about the CCCB?  There’s nothing about it on their website either – just the “big news” on which bishops get shuffled where.  Here we have our own case of Terri Schiavo and the Canadian Church, once again, is missing in action.  We’ve got international attention on our death panels. We’ve got Americans coming over here to take control, and our <ahem> “leadership” is MIA.  All of this previous talk by the bishops about “taking a leadership” role in the pro-life fight is just slick PR for the hierarchy and the bureaucratic machinery.  We have this tragic drama playing out before our eyes and there has not been one Church leader (from what I have seen to date) that has raised a finger to help.  Where’s Salt+Light TV, by the way?  Any coverage of it on their station or their blog to date? Nope. Too controversial, you see.  After all, as Fr. Rosica says:

“We never set ourselves up in opposition to something or someone. We’re an alternative to what’s out there on television.” (Source)

Memo to our bishops and other influential church politicians:  if you want credibility on Life Issues: TRY ANSWERING THE DOOR WHEN THEY ARRIVE ON YOUR DOORSTEP


6 thoughts on “Baby Joseph Needs the Church’s Voice But Where (OH WHERE) is the Diocese of London, the CCCB, and Salt+Light TV?

  1. I ashamed to the core of my being of our Bishops and the milquetoast Salt + Light,which I NEVER watch any more.I watch EWTN and listen to Catholic Radio from the US.The floor of hell is paved with the skulls of Bishops-St John Chrysotom.No wonder our churches are empty or greying.Pathetic.I am persona non grata with The CCCB,my Bishop,and the Quebec Bishops over my demanding them to act like real men instead of frightened women.That isn’t even fair to women-they are cowards,who enjoy the pointy hat too much.

  2. And yet the flame of even American religious fervour is really just an ember. I’m thankful we have stepped up for Baby Joseph, but standing for right is getting much harder by the minute even in “Christian” america. It’s very discouraging. God help us and have mercy on our country.

  3. I would suspect that taking Baby Joeseph’s life by cutting off his medical support is an evil which has the appearence of being good Perhaps some day those who are advocating his death with the excuse of the expense it is to keep him alive will find themselves in his situation while others make the decision for them that they should die!!! Perhaps then their attitude might change? I can always hope and pray!!!!
    Shame on the Catholic Church for their silence re this, shame on those to whom one voices their objections only to have them ignored or not taken into account at all!!!
    I am praying that the Lord will stay His hand of judgment as He turns hardened hearts back to Him

    Noreen Minifie
    Ottawa ON Canada

  4. These are the consequences of a non-Christian Civilization. Western society has returned to Paganism by trading in Jesus for Darwinism as a way of life. We need Culture Warriors like the Christians of The First Century “Dispersion” who by their lifestyle and interaction spread Christianity in whichever land they where forced to flee including Rome. Don’t we live in a democratic country? Are not our Laws decided by majority vote in our Legislatures and Parliament? Are not most people who call themselves Catholics and Christians really Nicolaitans? In a democracy the citizens are responsible and accountable for the laws of the land. Please pray and ask Jesus to forgive you and make an effort to end Paganism in our land.

  5. I’m not sure if we can call Baby Joseph’s situation our own case of Terri Schiavo. Terri Schiavo was receiving assisted nutrition and hydration – basic care. Baby Joseph is attached to an artificial respirator. Still, it seems that when it comes to the issue of abortion, our medical system trumpets the issue of choice, while in the case of Baby Joseph, there seems to be no choice of any king being offered to the family.

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