Where EXACTLY is the money going?

From LifeSiteNews.com’s Letter to the editor

RE: Development and Peace ControversyThank you for your excellent articles on Development & Peace.I haven’t given them money for years, as I always believe they were wrongly taking money from the Church’s poor box to distribute to their political friends.

They need to be reminded that they ought to have a preferential option for the poor, and the very poor are the unborn.

You will note that their brochure for the 2009 campaign called “I Believe” shows the distribution of funds and it does not appear to include feeding the hungry, orphanages or schools. The only objective that comes close to the traditional relief of poverty seems to be “emergency assistance 6%.

“Democracy and participation” gets 26%, “Strengthening social movements” gets 30%, “Women’s empowerment” 15% and so on, all of which makes it hard to determine what is actually being done with the money they receive from ordinary Catholics every year.

Go to page 15 of the following link to see the pie chart in the document.

Tom Schuck
Weyburn, Saskatchewan


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