Where are the pro-aborts on Gosnell?

By now, you’ve all heard about the atrocities perpetrated by abortionist Dr. Gosnell in Pennsylvania.

What are the pro-aborts saying about it? I’m inviting our readers to tell us what they’ve read or heard in the media and on blogs.

Over at Dammit Janet, they have just one story on the Gosnell file. They rightly deplore how women were mistreated at the facility, but not a peep about all those babies that were born alive and had their spinal chords snipped with a pair of scissors. I can’t say I’m surprised. As pro-lifers have been saying all along, there’s no difference between abortion and infanticide. The folks at Dammit Janet have inadvertently confirmed it again. For them, the babies aren’t even worth mentioning, it would seem.

The craziest thing is that Dammit Janet uses this incident as an argument in favour of legalized abortion. Get this:

But anyone with more than one functioning neuron can see: This situation makes the strongest possible case for legal — and properly supervised and regulated — abortion.

This, in fact, is how it used to be in the bad old days.

They’re living in a dream land if they think that abortionists, who earn a living by killing people, will always behave in the interests of their patients, and that they just need more government bureaucrats to regulate them. Absurd.  The very nature of the abortion profession implies a deficiency in the abortionist’s conception of respect for people and life, of both the pregnant woman and the baby. It’s like asking a mobster to chaperon your daughter to the prom and expecting no incidents. There’s a failure in logic.

Remember that abortionists typically have knowledge of embryology, fetal development and human biology, so they’re very much aware of what they’re doing. No ignorance there. They’ve also had sufficient time to reflect about it because nobody is so brain-dead as to complete a multi-year degree without having given some thought to the morality of their profession. Yet they still choose to commit the most heinous of crimes against women, babies and society.

For you Catholics out there, you should recognize that these three conditions are the very essence of a mortal sin, which typically involves malice and hardness of heart. So don’t be surprised when you hear of atrocities being committed by folks like Gosnell. It fits the profile.

So what else have you heard from pro-aborts?

2 thoughts on “Where are the pro-aborts on Gosnell?

  1. Just like when we gather by the thousands for Sanctity of Life Events, and not a peep out of the socially engineered popular media. Politically Correct Relativism by establishment has put an end to common sense. The late Professor Tom Landers used to say, ” we must wake it up.” We did volunteer and worked very hard to wake it up in 2008.

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