Where are the Bishops and Priests?

…Being pro-life isn’t always pretty. And it’s not just about “saving babies.” It is about saving the person … the woman, the baby, the man involved, the family. It is sometimes about putting someone else’s needs above our own. It is about stepping out of the comfortable and moving into a place that is unfamiliar.

Is it comfortable to talk about abortion? Not always. Do people always want to hear about it? Not usually. But silence breeds apathy, and that is what we are soaked in. APATHY. The greatest breeding ground for apathy seems to be in our churches. Why is that? It’s not like the sanctity of human life isn’t all over Scripture. It isn’t as if God didn’t make it pretty clear that life is sacred. We aren’t scared to talk about a slew of other “hot button” issues … but we tend to be silent on the number one issue that has invaded our churches. According to the Guttmacher Institute, seventy-two percent of women seeking abortions come from the church. I actually think that number is low. We performed very few abortions on women who proclaimed to be atheists or agnostic. No, many of them brought their bibles and/or rosaries to their abortion appointments. Many would ask if we would pray with them before the abortion procedure began…(Source)

Preach it, Sister!  You go Abby.  Speak!

One thought on “Where are the Bishops and Priests?

  1. “Preach it Abby is right!” how many of us would take in a pregnant girl and help her through her pregnancy? I would like to hear a homily -no several- throughout the year, exhorting Joe and Josephine parishoner to contact their local crisis pregnancy centre and offer their home to such a girl… or if they can, underwrite some of the costs for someone bringing such a girl into their home, or living expenses so she doesn’t have to worry about food and utilities… Or helping her get on her feet so she can work and take care of her child if she chooses not to place the child for adoption.
    No one wants to hear the Gospel unless they see it first in us.

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