When the IRS becomes doctrine…

You will recall that a faithful priest in El Paso, Texas was removed from his parish by his bishop a month ago because he was teaching boldly on homosexuality. What authoritative document did the bishop quote to justify his action? None other than the tax code of the IRS! Talk about giving up God to serve money.

But the faithful in the diocese aren’t giving up the good fight. In fact, they’ve set up a vigil in front of the bishop’s office, reminiscent of the 40 Days For Life. Watch the video below.

This says a lot about the state of Catholicism in the West. The faithful are being forced to divert their efforts away from evangelizing the world to instead focus on evangelizing their own bishops. The Enemy must be laughing as our spiritual efforts must be redirected to a much more defensive position.

I wonder if this type of manifestation is going to pop up elsewhere? Perhaps a new “Occupy the bishop” movement?

Please pray for Bishop Ochoa of El Paso.

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