When the Gloves Come Off

The overwhelming majority of the correspondence I receive regarding my efforts surrounding Development and Peace has been very positive and supportive.  However, I’ve had a few people express their reservations about the tone or the tactics I’ve been using.   (Most people have expressed their support for both, which amazes even me).  I do appreciate the concern of those who believe that I might have gone a bit overboard, but I do not share it.

I make no apologies for the tone of my correspondence thusfar since it has been proportional to the “twilight zone” situation the pro-life movement is facing with the bishops, who, one would think, would be the leaders in the movement. Instead, we are continually having to drag them into a leadership role or, at the very least, to a place where they are not impeding the pro-life struggle. Instead of them pulling us into mobilization and action, we are continually pushing them to do what they should be doing.  As I have always said, if the bishops are not going to help in the pro-life struggle, then they should just step aside and let us do our work.  But we are not even afforded that concession because they are continually supporting and endorsing programs that undermine and work against the unborn.

To this point, our pleas about D&P have largely fallen on deaf ears, even though a response is urgently required as the blood money has continued to flow, with not even so much as an admission of the facts. That really angers me and so the tone has to be firm and forthright and challenging.  I make no apologies for that and I won’t be relenting any time soon, either.  If anything,  in the coming weeks I intend to turn up the heat. I don’t care how much embarrassment it causes or how many feelings I hurt or how many jobs get cut because of the eventual restructuring of D&P.  If any group is enabling the attack on the unborn and not admitting the facts, then I will do everything morally possible to bring them down.  I don’t care if they are in the Church or outside of it.  They’ll get no deference from me.  I’ll hit every possible angle and every possible outlet to undermine their efforts, and expose the fraudulent activities they have been supporting in the name of the Catholic faith and the blasphemy of pretending they speak and act in the name of Jesus Christ.   Far from bringing peace, I intend to bring the proverbial ‘war’ (Cf. Matt.10:34).

A priest friend of mine also expressed concern that I would post private correspondence with Archbishop Weisberger.   But, as I indicated to him, there was no posting of private correspondence from Archbishop Weisberger but only my letter to him which I intended to be an open letter. It is no different than me simply writing an article and saying the exact same thing, except that I would have to lose the “Your Grace” and change a few pronouns.  What’s the difference?  There is no sin in writing an open letter.  Thankfully he concurred with me on reflection. 

Virtually all of the correspondence that I have received from bishops and laity have remained confidential so as to not to betray their confidence or trust. The two instances that I have published private correspondence were exceptions to the rule that I normally hold for myself, and, needless to say, I kept their identities confidential (or at least aimed to), and I posted nothing from them that was not already well known or was not already public knowledge.  

I hope this communication addresses the issues of those few people who have expressed their concerns.  Everyone’s temperament is different. Mine is more passionate, and some say, bombastic.  Sometimes when you are in a war (and we are in a war) where the fathers do not teach but are taught and where they do not lead but follow, you  need bombers to “blow things up” so that the house can be built up again.

I’ll play ball with people who are seeking to legitimately address abuses, but if I smell cover-up and obstinacy and scandal that is not being addressed, all bets…and gloves…come off.

John Pacheco


2 thoughts on “When the Gloves Come Off

  1. It is high time that our leaders stop worrying about decorum and proper etiquette. These things don’t mean a hill of beans if babies are being sacrificed right under the nose of the Church. You go John!

  2. I also think that it is high time that the bishops not be coddled
    any more. They need to hear the truth.

    You are doing the correct thing in my opinion, Jon.

    Our priests cannot do what you are doing, only the laity can speak out freely.

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