When the fire falls

From a friend…
On March 28 and 29, 2003, Diane and I attended a conference in Buffalo, New York. While we were waiting for the conference to begin, a woman sitting beside me asked if I would like the photograph she was holding. The image was of her prayer group while they prayed, “Come Holy Spirit fill the hearts of Your faithful…..”  Someone took a picture and this is what it looked like.
My dear friends, as we approach the Feast of Pentecost, we are approaching a time in the Church’s liturgical year that can change the world!  The power of the Holy Spirit is something we need to rediscover and re-ignite again.  God wants to send us the power that will transform the world, but he needs our unconditional yes.  Pray in the days leading up to Pentecost Sunday that God will have mercy on us and ignite in us the spark that will set us aflame in His love.
Come Holy Spirit, clear away all the garbage and the hangups we have.  Destroy the animosity and unforgiveness that we harbour against one another.  Let Jesus be seen in us. Set us aflame to spread your Gospel without any concern for the consequences.  Detach us from the things that bind us in fear.  Give us the spirit of your early Apostles.  Give us the power to rock the establishment to its knees so that all may proclaim that Jesus is Lord. Amen.

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  1. We need to be connected to Christ like the real Saints are.After prayer they politically united to change rotten Parliamentary and Supreme Court Of Canada Law of 2005,which made Canada a legal destination for Sex trafficking predators and pedophiles,as a human right.It took sacrifices of time etc.,and praying without ceasing to our Master and friend,but we convinced Parliament to change this evil law for a moment.Why have you gone back to political apathy,blindness and indifference?When the Holy Spirit takes over after or during prayer make Him at home forever,and don’t let the spirit of so-called “neutral”Secular Paganism take over physically or mentally.In democracies you also do right by your vote.The Church, Christ’s people have moved mountains of evil,and they still can if they choose.

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