2 thoughts on “When society allows the corruption of children

  1. J.Budziszewski professor of government and philosophy in his book, WHAT WE CAN’T NOT KNOW-A GUIDE, proves that the natural means of attaining moral knowledge are four-fold: The witness of deep conscience, the witness of design as such, the witness of our own design, plus the witness of natural consequences.

    Check it out for yourselves the Public Health Agency of Canada HIV and AIDS SURVEILLANCE REPORT and GAY BOWEL SYNDROME that is ENDemic in the homosexual population. Sodomy is not healthy or normal is it? Why then are we teaching this perversion as healthy and normal in our Public Schools and Universities to impressionable children and young adults by law?

    Please think if that is still possible in a Politically Correct by establishment society. As one ought to suspect: Jay Budziszewski has tenure or he would not be allowed to teach the absolute truth in love.

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