When is the CCCB’s Plenary Assembly?

As Socon or Bust readers know, the CCCB’s Ad Hoc Committee is supposed to report on the Development & Peace Abortion Scandal during the next Plenary Session of the CCCB.  For those of you who do not know, the Plenary Assembly is the super-duper, important meeting when all of the bishops of Canada gather in Cornwall, Ontario to discuss all of the really “important” issues like climate change, the census, ecumenical baloney, and “social justice” topics, among all the other epic issues of our time.

Abortion, of course, is given short shrift at these meetings.  There’s a lot of denial and generally a back-slapping good time, but not too much repentance. 

Last year they held this Assembly during October 19-23.  So far, there’s been no media release about when their next session is.

It’s already October 3.  We assume it’s this month (since it’s rarely, if ever, held in November), but the actual dates are not on their website. And it’s not anywhere on Google, either.

Now, I know they’ve been doing a lot of research on D&P, but why the delay?  What’s the deal with keeping the dates from the public?  Slipped their minds, perhaps? Haven’t gotten around to making the information available to the public?

Maybe they can’t find “consensus” on D&P? And they know they have to find it…and speak with one voice…or else…well…we all know what could happen.  Splitsville…which, for the record, is not necessarily a bad thing.

I wonder if that is a reason why we have not heard anything about the meeting.

Do we have an internal scrap on our hands?

Am I hot or cold?


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