When a Cardinal Spoke Out Against Muslim Immigration

No, it is not Catholic teaching that you must blindly support immigration, despite what you might hear from high ranking Church leaders.

It’s a prudential call…and if it’s a matter of national security or worse, Muslim invasion, actually you have a duty to oppose immigration.

Some refreshing words from the late Cardinal Biffi.

One thought on “When a Cardinal Spoke Out Against Muslim Immigration

  1. Western Civilization embraced a “new” Religion of so-called “neutral” Secular Humanism as their State Sanctioned Religion-Worldview starting only in 1962 when the “white” academic,legal and political Secular Humanist elites convinced the so-called Christian people of Western Civilization that Christianity in Government,Law and Education is Unconstitutional.Since 1962 the so-called neutral Secular Elites have legalized no-fault divorce,abortion,sodomy,pornography,promiscuous sex and health education for school children taught by adult secular school teachers,abortion and homosexual etc.,activists and Lord Christ knows what else tomorrow.Before this “new” so-called “neutral” Secular Humanist Religion became State Sanctioned as Constitutional starting in 1962,school teachers led their students in The Lord’s Prayer,Sex Education was dating,courtship and waiting for sex in faithful marriage to one of the opposite sex,The Ten Commandments were on Government edifices,Court and Education Establishments and in the majorities hearts and minds.

    Seeing heaps of the dismembered heads,feet,hands,legs, and other parts of human babies bring all thoughts to the forefront of the inhuman,hellish brutality,and horror of the degeneracy of human nature which legalizes abortion etc,and then goes into schools to sear our children’s consciences by teaching them this is normal behavior, as health and sex education. Secular Humanist Western Democratic Civilization now indoctrinates people by legalizing evil and teaching it in school as secular human rights.When morals are taught in the classroom today,secular humanist teachers instruct their students, now that The Lord’s Prayer,and The Ten Commandments are outlawed in American,European,and Canadian schools,that one’s ethics are relative and situational. They learn concepts of situation ethics or subjective morality, which teach that each student must make up his or her own mind about what is right and wrong.Then they traumatize and sear our children’s consciences with promiscuous sex education which normalizes abortion,homosexuality etc.This creates a society of psychologically disordered people who are taught to believe they are normal.The Secular Humanist Religion has parallels with the Islamic religion as they kill those they claim to be less human. Therefore we must politically unite to stop these atrocities, and the evil indoctrination of our children in Religious Secular Humanist Education Establishments,and get our Western Governments to pass righteous legislation.

    Islam also commands violence.SURA 9:5 ” Fight and slay infidels wherever you find them…” SURA 5:33 ” their punishment is execution…” SURA 9:3 ” An announcement from Allah and His Messenger to the people on the day of Great Pilgrimage,that Allah and His Messenger dissolve treaty obligations with the infidels.
    Arab and other Christians fleeing from Islamic countries for their lives ought to be allowed into Christian Countries,but there are no Christian Countries in Government,Law and Education.The West is Secular Humanist in Worldview-Religion and persecutes and marginalizes real Christians today. These are the consequences the Western people have brought on themselves by rejecting Lord Christ in Government,Law and Education. Remember Secular Humanist Church is an oxymoron,as is a Secular Humanist Christian Country.

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