What’s in a name?

KITCHENER, August 18, 2006 (LifeSiteNews.com) – A family and psychological counselling agency in Kitchener Ontario, the Catholic Family Counselling Centre, is going ahead with plans to have former president Bill Clinton speak at a fundraising dinner in November. The Catholic Family Counselling Centre curiously bills itself as a “non-denominational” counselling agency even though it was established by the diocese of Hamilton in 1952 and retains the name “Catholic”….

After LifeSiteNews.com reported on the Centre’s plan, some Catholics, including the auxiliary bishop, contacted both the Centre with concerns about Clinton’s appearance. As president of the United States, Bill Clinton twice vetoed an attempt to ban “partial birth abortion.” Clinton has made millions in speaking fees while travelling the world advocating the eugenic-based population control programs of the UN and the libertine values of the sexual revolution….

The Centre informed Bishop Bergie by letter of their plans to go ahead with the event. Bishop Bergie said that thus far the diocese had not made a decision how to respond. He told LifeSiteNews.com that the option of asking the Centre to drop the title “Catholic” would be a matter for Hamilton Bishop Tonnos to decide. “It is up to the bishop to determine what constitutes a Catholic organization.” The diocese has no direct involvement in financing the Centre whose funding comes from the government. Bishop Bergie said there has been a long history with the Centre and the diocese. He said, “There’s never been anything of this nature before to challenge their Catholic mission to my knowledge.”

With all due respect, Bishop, if you are merely asking for them to drop Slick Willy, you are not doing your job as a Bishop to preserve the Faith and keep scandal out. You should issue a command for this particular sort of disgrace. If the organization refuses a direct command by the Bishop, then it cannot be Catholic.

On the other hand, if you allow it to retain the name, then you are participating in a fraud.

Just how important is the name “Catholic” to the bishops of this country today, anyway? You have to wonder sometimes.

Clinton is scheduled to show up on November 8. I don’t expect too many reprisals for the Centre for fraudulently claiming to be Catholic. In other words, it’s business as usual for the bishops.

We can only witness so far, your Graces. There comes a point where you have to admit that you were appointed to LEAD THE FLOCK. If you can’t or won’t, then step aside and let someone who can do it, DO IT!

I am sick of this pandering and negotiating with the culture of savagery and their propagandists. There comes a point where you have to say “enough is enough” and draw the line. Otherwise, our whole religion is a sham.

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