One thought on “What’s Great About America

  1. Giving our Canadian Secular Humanist judges total freedom to interpret the Canadian law as we have using their Humanist logic is dangerous, and making and imposing laws that corrupt and harm our citizens and our children is wrong.

    That is what The Secular Humanist Agenda has done to Canadian society through our education establishments. That is the reason Secular Humanist logic is used in every vocation. After all we all go to public schools and universities where everyone is socially engineered. The tenets of the Humanist Manifesto are, no creator of the universe, no creation of man, and no moral absolutes .

    Not that long ago Canada was a Christian Country where the Ten Commandments were on Class-room and Court-room walls. Christian logic was known in every profession. Now Humanism is lifted up in Canadian education establishments and Christianity is rejected and mocked. Christian history is also re-written. But did you know that there was no concept of personal or civil rights then or now in Islamic law. The head of the tribe had absolute power and he could take any woman for his harem or man for his use and could have anyone killed for any reason.

    This is news from SAUDI ARABIA about Islamic law, and judges.
    Saudi Court condemns rape victim to 200 lashings and six months prison. She is guilty of having been in a car with a non relative male at the time of the rape by a group of men. The rapists go free.

    Islamic and Secular Humanist judges and societies interpret law according to their own beliefs.

    It is about time that our people get involved in this Culture War that is raging, before we loose it altogether. Wake up you Bishops and priests who are sleeping. You to Protestants there is a Culture War raging. If we don’t stay together in this Culture War the Secular Religious Humanists will hang us separately.

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