What’s Going In The Offering Basket Tomorrow Morning

Don’t give them one RED cent.

If you’re a money counter, refuse to participate in counting D&P’s blood money.

If you’re a parish priest, make no announcement at the pulpit or in the bulletin.  And don’t write the cheque, either. (If D&P wants the money, let them come and get it themselves.  It’s better they come and get the envelopes with the cash in it.  That’s an appropriate way of them receiving their donations.  It has a poignant “Judas” feel to it.)

If you’re a bishop, refuse to release the funds.

Yellow envelopes with cash stuffed in them is not worth your soul or dead babies’ lives.

For the unborn’s sake, don’t give any more money to Fr. Arriaga’s human rights scam because that’s where your dollars are going.

5 thoughts on “What’s Going In The Offering Basket Tomorrow Morning

  1. It’s so tragically ironic that on the very page where KAY FANM laments the lack of legal abortion in Haiti, they recently posted a “News flash” in a bright green box in which they explain how Michael Swan and the “Catholic Register” have praised their organization. See here:

    I would find it far-fetched that an NGO in Haiti has a subscription to the Catholic Register. I wonder if Michael Swan has any links with KAY FANM.

    Regardless, his article is a huge disservice to the faithful by encouraging them to support an organization that is so openly pro-abortion.

  2. My Archbishop is Michael Miller in Vancouver. My priest announced we would still be collecting for D&P and offered no further explanation. What does that tell you?

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