2 thoughts on “What the heck are you doing?

  1. After seeing the quote “What the heck are you doing”, I felt I had to recount an incident that I later recounted to my Pastor Emeritus at my parish who was know for his famous chuckle, and did indeed chuckle when I recounted it.

    One Monday evening, I wanted to go to Mass, since I had not gotten to my usual morning Mass, bu tI wanted to go to Confession before hand to confess a venial sin, (Yes…I confess my venial sins too, if I feel the prompting of the Holy Spirit on a particular one or ones).

    I called the Parish priest beforehand to ask if He gave confession
    before Mass, and He said to just come ahead 15 minutes beforehand, and gave me directions to go downstairs to the basement of the Church and meet him there.

    So…I arrived and went down stairs and as I was walking down to the room where we were to meet, I noticed a painting depicting The Last Supper which I stopped to look at. To my dismay there was Mary seated with the Twelve Apostles. I was going to mention it when I saw the Priest, but forgot to because I was stunned by what took place in the room where we met. When I gave my Confession, He said “You don’t really need to confess that….Unless, of course you want to be a Saint.” I almost gasped. I was so taken aback by a Priest saying this to me, it seemed like it must be some comical dream, and that I had not really just heard that. I was going to say, after I got my voice back. “Dont’ you?” Or “Isn’t that what we are supposed to be doing here?”

    To this day, that comment has taken me so aback, I can hardly believe a Catholic Priest said it to me… and to be quite honest it leaves one quite speechless, and oh Yes… I forgot to ask why there was that,… uhem… painting including Mary, when as far as I knew she was not at the table on the night of Our Lords’ Last Supper

    Am I missing something here?

    Lord Have Mercy and help us, all including your beloved Ordained ones under such attack .
    who need prayer so desperately.

  2. Someone I know once said,” when the blind lead the blind they both fall into the ditch.” This also includes the so-called ordained ones because,” by their actions you will know them.” Citizens have a responsibility to their designer, and that cannot be excused away.

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