One thought on “What Portuguese People Say

  1. This is so funnnnnnnnnnny!!!!
    Thank You, John!
    I will try to send this on to a friend of ours, who is Portuguese, and will really like it I am sure.
    Fond memory from my encounter with a beautiful Portuguese Old world religion family who also happened to be, actually my first encounter with such beautiful tradition in family and these people remain close to my heart. I remember how devout his Mom, and Grandma were (God Bless their souls). (I never met his dad and respective Grandpa who were also deceased (God Bless their souls)
    I do remember many years ago, many years ago, upon visiting is Mom’s for the first time, she came out of the kitchen at around 10:30 at night and offered to make us some of the famous soup with sausage and potatoes. In fact Raul just gave us that soup recipe this past Christmas when my husband and I were inquiring about it , because it was so good and to this day, I remember her love of Fatima as well and our his Grandma, who was in her 80s’ at that time went back to Portugal
    every year to be with her other relatives. As I recall she continued going back as long as she could till her passing. I have a beautiful little statue Raul gave Bruce and I, of Our Blessed Lady at Fatima with the Lucia, Jacinthe, and Francesco
    kneeling before her. Raul, our dear friend knew I loved everything about Fatima and Our Blessed Virgin, Mother and Queen. Some would call the statue not that special, but to me it is very dear.
    and it is from Portugal and from the special Fereirra family .

    Thanks again, I laughed so hard and out loud. That feels good!!
    God Bless!!


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