2 thoughts on “Voris lowers the boom on Baum & Rosica — Winnipeg Statement Mentioned!

  1. I am praying many of the financial supporters of Salt and Light will wise up to the truth about Rosica (I refuse to call schismatic priests Father) stop supporting Salt and Light. The Basilians are in trouble with several of them unfaithful to the Magisterium – hence unfaithful to Christ.

    Better to have a millstone tied around your neck and be thrown into the sea then cause one of His little ones to sin, appears in three of the four Gospels.

    Please Fathers Lenard Kennedy and Joseph Thompson pray for the conversion of your brother Basilians.

    • I agree with Leeda I can’t give him the honour of calling him Father either.
      God Bless all you Faithful Catholic’s
      out there in cyberland who still have eyes to
      see and ear’s to hear and know the Truth.
      Jesus. Don.

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