What goes around comes around

Life has a uncanny knack to implement poetic justice. It must be Divine Providence at work.

The Development and Peace fiasco has been boiling for three years now. Think about it: the bishops had three long years to fix the problems. Plenty of time. But they didn’t. Now they have to manage a crisis because the government cut their funding.

So as the bishops express their disappointment and wring their hands about the lost money, they have only themselves to blame. Can’t say they weren’t warned.

As an old preacher used to say, God will do almost anything to get us to heaven. He’d rather do it the easy way, but He’ll do it the hard way if that’s what it takes. Some people will only go kicking and screaming.

The fate of D&P is similar to that of some dioceses that have become barren wastelands due to pastoral neglect. The bishops were on track to wreck ┬áD&P out of negligence. I think the government cuts are a manifestation of God’s mercy to prevent a complete collapse and salvage what’s left.

Not all bishops drank the Kool-Aid, of course. Some bishops have been feverishly working to reform D&P. God willing, this crisis will give them the leverage they need to get the job done. If not, God might just shut it down completely.

Keep praying for our bishops.

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