What goes around comes around for pro-choice Democrats

While not every member of the Democratic Party is pro-choice, this certainly is the main direction of the party and its elected officials. They also have many supporters of euthanasia in the House and Senate. Ironically, some of the Democrat candidates in these mid-term elections are now being euthanized by their party.

A couple of weeks ago, the Wall Street Journal ran an article called Death Panels for Democrats.  They highlighted how some candidates were in such bad political shape that the party was literally pulling the plug on them and focusing their resources on other candidates who were considered to have a better chance of winning.  With friends like these, who needs Republicans?

How bad is it for the Democrats?

So bad that they “began a strategy of triage on Monday to fortify candidates who they believe stand the best chance of survival,” the New York Times reports today.

So bad that this is the second “triage” story to appear in the Times. We noted the first Sept. 7. (Source)

The article proceeds to list nine Democrat candidates on the “death list” who will no longer receive the amount of advertising funding that had been promised earlier in the campaign.  And these are just the ones we know about.  They’re better off dead, it would seem.  When the chips are down, people show their true colours.

Of course, not every Democrat politician is fully informed about what abortion and euthanasia really are.  They haven’t necessarily given it much thought.  But some have.  For the latter, this political euthanasia shouldn’t surprise us one bit.  You see, anybody who consciously supports the killing of unborn babies and sick people to avoid inconvenience is not likely to be your strongest ally when things start going south for you. Their mentality is infected with a distorted individualism and utilitarianism that would go so far as to take an innocent life — even their own flesh and blood — to spare themselves sacrifice.  Don’t tell me that this mentality doesn’t manifest itself in other aspects of their lives.  So should we really be surprised that they turn on a friend?  Could you ever really trust them?

The next time you meet a pro-life Catholic that votes for anti-life candidates, maybe you should raise that point with them and give them something to think about.

3 thoughts on “What goes around comes around for pro-choice Democrats

  1. That`s actually fairly common practice Steve. If one person is so far out of the picture (take Meek in the Florida Senate race) you quit wasting your resources on him or her, and you put such resources into a competitive race that your money might help influence (someone like Reid in Nevada, or the Guinal… guy in Chicago).

    When Republicans were on an off year in 2008 & 2006 they did the same thing.

    It`s common sense. Tell me you know this…

  2. No, this is not unique. But if political pundits from major newspapers are making a big deal about it, it must be occurring on a grander scale than normal.

  3. I wouldn’t read much more into it than that its a pretty rough election cycle for the Democrats, and if they can squeak through in a few competitive race by taking money from races where they have no chance, its simply pragmatic. It’s good strategy.

    I’m not sure it will work (I mean they’ll probably win a few close races, but whether or not it was because of this is hard to say…), but it’s common sense. You have to do it.

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