3 thoughts on “What does the Church teach about Evolution?

  1. How reliable is that page? It’s mostly summaries and paraphrases, not direct quotes. Caution is warranted. For example, these 2 bullets:

    –We must believe any interpretation of Scripture that the Fathers taught unanimously on a matter of faith or morals (Council of Trent and Vatican Council I).

    –All the Fathers who wrote on the subject believed that the Creation days were no longer than 24-hour-days. (Consensus of the Fathers of the Church)

    The Fathers perhaps believed in 24-hour periods, but did they hold it as a matter of faith? I doubt it. They also probably believed the Earth was flat but didn’t hold that as a matter of faith.

  2. I too would treat that page with extreme caution.

    Most people, Christian or atheist, are agreed that the universe did have a singular point of origin, about 13 billion years ago, and that the earth is about 6 or 7 billion years old.

    The disagreements come concerning the origin of life. I find the argument that the spontaneous creation of life is incompatible with a basic tenet of thermodynamics, i.e. you don’t get order out of disorder, very powerful. And skilled scientists have failed to make life in spite of their knowledge.

    Another area of discussion has to be the origin of humans. Most scientists are agreed that modern humans have been around for only about 50 to 100,000 years. DNA studies have verified that we all have a common male ancestor and a common female ancestor.
    However, these same studies indicate that these two people lived perhaps 10,000 years apart and therefore did not know each other.

    The great flood is widely accepted to be the breakthrough of the Mediterranean Sea into the Black Sea. The time and the place add up.

    The Bible is not a science text and should not be regarded as such. Neither does any particular belief about origins tell us how to live an ethical life today. In a sense, the debate between the atheists and the creationists is another consequence of the Sola Scriptura dead end.

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