One thought on “What Abortion Is To Women

  1. As concluded by Alice Paul,who founded ,The National Women’s Party in 1915 for women to get the right to vote as human persons,” Abortion is the ultimate exploitation of women”. Science and Law had declared, because women had smaller sized brains they legally and scientifically were not equal to men.

    Science and Law had also depicted six human races and six simian species, allegedly showing the proximity of the “lowest” humans to simians, thus giving the so-called scientific and legal justification for classification, and trafficking exploitation of so-called lower humans, as non-persons.

    The West had recognized the value of Christianity in government, law and education since Emperor Constantine converted about the year 307. Things were not perfect, as a Christianity of sorts was slowly becoming more like Real Christianity, but righteous Christian citizens were making it better.Therefore William Wilberforce, Abraham Lincoln, and Alice Paul used the first chapter of The Bible verse 27 etc.,to prove their point that all mankind is created in the image of God, and thus have inalienable rights granted by Him, regardless of what the majority of Scientists, Supreme Court Justices, Popular Media Moguls,and Politicians owned by Billionaires have led citizens to believe. Genesis states,” God created man in his own image, male and female he created them.” The majority of Western citizens believed Christ over man, and thus were changing rotten man made laws that had trafficked certain humans, as science and law.

    After The Second World War, The West was Christian in Government, Law and Education,The War Crimes Tribunal,indicted ten Nazi leaders for the crimes against humanity of “encouraging and compelling abortions.” The Nazis said we are innocent, because our Government, and Supreme Court passed laws legalizing our killings of these people classified as non-humans. However this excuse didn’t save these 10 Nazi leaders. “Trials Of War Criminals,” Nuremberg Military Tribunal,Washington,DC: U S G P O ,Volume IV page 610.

    In 1962 The US Supreme Court declared, The Lord’s Prayer, in Schools unconstitutional, and Christless Secularism constitutional. Almost the entire Western World followed suit. Now every Western country has been coerced into having Secularism as their official State Worldview/Religion,imposed on everyone, as so-called human rights starting with Kindergarteners. Our elected politicians could have passed Bills into laws to overturn The Supreme Courts decrees, but did not. The majority of the public and church bought into the neutral Secularism lie, and thus we live in our imposed democratic Christless Secular Totalitarianism, because of the Western majority of politically apathetic voting public. Righteous citizens, only you can Politically change this.

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