Weston Lecture Series: Against Critical Thinking [Lecture on our Dummy Culture]

Augustine College is pleased to announce the 17th annual Weston Lecture, a free public lecture given this year by Dr. R.R. Reno titled Against Critical Thinking, Friday, March 6, 2015 at 7:30 p.m. at the Saint Paul University Auditorium, 223 Main St., Ottawa. 

Dr. Reno has served as the editor of First Things, America’s most influential journal of religion in public life, since 2011. He received his PhD in theology from Yale University, and taught theology and ethics at Creighton University in Omaha, Nebraska for twenty years. He has published in many academic journals, and his opinion essays have appeared in Commentary, the Washington Post, and other popular outlets. His most recent books include Fighting the Noonday Devil, Sanctified Vision and a commentary on the Book of Genesis.

In his talk, Dr. Reno will argue that the life if the mind is based on our capacity to know and affirm truth. Today’s academic culture overemphasizes critical questioning and doubt. This fails to train us how to assent to truth. For that we need a pedagogy of piety, which means an approach to instruction that is ordered toward that affirmation of truth.

Information on the lecture is also available on the attached poster, at News and Events/Latest News on our website, and on our Facebook event page. Dr. Reno’s presentation will be made available on our YouTube Channel in the weeks following the lecture.

The annual Weston Lecture has presented our students and members of the public with a brilliant example of how faith and reason may be united in a mutually strengthening way, a tradition inaugurated through the generous support of George Weston Limited. The Lecture is given by an invited speaker whose field of endeavour is pertinent to the Augustine College academic program.

Please forward this information to others who may be interested. If you live in the Ottawa area, we would be grateful if you would print the poster (copies are available upon request) and post it in a suitable location and also have the lecture announced in your church or community bulletin or newsletter.

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In addition to the Weston Lecture next Friday evening with R.R. Reno of First Things (see below), you are also invited to attend a conversation the following afternoon between Dr. Reno, Fr. Raymond de Souza, editor of Convivium magazine, and Randy Boyagoda, who has just completed a biography of Fr. Richard John Neuhaus, former editor of First Things.

Please see Convivium Magazine, Dominican University College, both co-sponsors of the event with Augustine College, and the attached poster for more information. Please forward this information to others who may be interested.






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