Westen on Ground Zero and Gravel

Let me repeat: there is not one Catholic Bishop or prominent cleric in this country that has come to the public defense of LifeSite News.

I think that speaks volumes about their commitment to the pro-life cause.  This is not WWII and they are not Pius XII.

4 thoughts on “Westen on Ground Zero and Gravel

  1. You will know them by their fruit.

    Do no be deceived. If any man, Bishop or any person will not be prominent, bold and vocal in making himself known to defend life issues before anything else, and defend and stand by those who do speak in God’s Name by doing so, then , as far as I am concerned they areno real friend of Jesus, or Mary , no matter what photo-ops he has taken with whomever, or
    other events noted by the media and public that they endeavor in for political reasons.
    Defense of life always has to be the bottom line and first before anything else because God is about Life, and He is the One Who gives us life, so we must in turn defend what He would have us defend first and foremost, after of course defending Him. That is not hard since the two are inextricably
    One and the same.

    If one is ashamed to mention My Name,…. Jesus says…( I paraphrase,and I am speaking of His Children made in HIs Image and Who are His Most Blessed Innocent) then I will not be ashamed to omit mentioning their names to My Father

  2. You know sometimes the betrayal one feels , that is sharing in a portion of the betrayal Christ Himself endured by His own apostles is very painful for us, so we get a taste of His, and can draw nearer to Him , when we encounter those who do the betraying.

    I as I have mentioned was told way back in September by a number of police daily to get across the street or else be charged with mischief, trespassing or disturbing the public.

    At that time I had been holding my “I regret my abortion” sign,
    and was praying with another gentleman who is is an ardent pro-lifer , and who himself has been praying directly in front of the Morgentaler abortuary for almost 20 years ( I may be off a year or so)
    The climate seemed to change during and directly after the last 40DayForLife vigil was held across the street from 65 Bank st. where the Morgantaler mill is.

    I hope the workers at 65 Bank did not get the idea, to try to divide and conquer, when they saw some 40DayForLife folk asking us often yelling across the street (even though I would explain we were not officially with them) why we were across the street directly in front while they were on that side. They seemed to have to be told that daily by someone.

    The reason was because while we are all Pro-Life, we were not taking part of the 40Day ForLife per se, as we are Everyday for life, meaning Paul and I had been going there every morning for some years , during the 40DayForLife, and throughout the rest of the year, and without any disturbance.

    They got new workers there and banded together the police, and merchants and businesses nearby to come up with whatever with whatever scheme they could use, (the bylaw
    for instance …which is very vague and does not even include nor should it, since it argues that demonstration of one or more people holding signs, etc should be across the street from some establishment that is secure. It is is meant , in some way to be ther for to protect embassies , but there you have it “Show me the man…and I will show you the law”
    At any rate, I shouild not be include I reasoned since I was not officially “protesting”, and I certainly was folllowing all the rules of not approaching peole, blocking the doorway etc.instead I was someone holding a peaceful “I regret my abortion” sign who was in no way condemning to the women and men going in, but instead hoped they might know there is healing and help available as there is a help number and website at the bottom of the sign, and also I have been through it so do not judge the heart of people who for the most part , do not know what they are doing, and are believing lies, because they are in darkness, for whatever reason.

    I finally moved across the street because I wanted to be in solidarity with the man I pray with and although I felt I should stay across in front of the mill at one level, I had no one to back me up on it, because after I told Campaign Life about it and they suggested that I call Sun News, which I did. In fact way back in September, I left a message,
    and not only did I not hear back, I called again. That time was after I had moved across the street , and again,the police crossed the street after I had moved over there and again asked for my identification, and when I asked why?, as I was not doing anything illegal, I was told it was for an “investigation”. It was implied if I did not hand it over, I would be arrested for not complying.

    Last Wednesday,when the police arrived again, this time they came in a demonstration van, and went upstairs to the abortuary to talk with the workers again, I guess, they came down and crossed the street to where me and my older gentleman friend were praying introduced themselves and said they just wanted to make sure we agreed that we would not
    cross the street to hold our”protest”. I said we were peacefully praying and even when were across the street at one time that is what we did then, they said we had to agree to stay on the opposite side. I then asked what if I want to go over there without my sign and just pray, and there was a long pause and I could see they were , perhaps going to object , but one of them said “well, as long as you don;t cause any problem because we are here to prevent you, as well from being hurt”
    I remember when I was first told I had to move over last September, and felt awful, no one backed us up, even though they were informed of it. Why did some other people not come down to Bank St. and stand and pray in solidarity? I also know when I asked the policeman if I could stay on that side of the street and pray and wear a button saying “I regret my abortion” he said at that time it was o.k. since that was not a sign. Where is the consistancy of people in either situation?
    I have to say if people are going to “choose” who they defend
    and stand by who are defending life then they are not real defenders of life or friends of those who defend it. If there can be no solidarity in the Pro-Life movement maybe that is why it is not having more of a positive outcome like they have with the 40DayForLife, where the people seem to for the most part all be one for all, that is The One, Who desires unity amongst His followers in love and Truth, not division.

    Both Paul and I know what Jesus felt like. We do not care if we are covered by some media just that when I called about this, as was suggested because the persecution and double standard on the part of the police was at that time just beginning, and had not escalated to what it was when Cy and Donald got harassed, but I heard only silence in return. Maybe Brain Lilley never got the message. Just saying…

    God is not a respecter of persons and treats everyone the same, maybe we shroud try to do the same especially if we call ourselves Pro-Life and repent if we are not doing so.

    Lord Have Mercy
    When we are asked why we did not love as You do, leaving pride at the door, what will we say?

  3. I believe the main reason the Canadian bishops have not come to Life Site News’ defense is because they have been taken to task by Life Site News for their social arm, Development and Peace, which has been shown to support pro-abortion and other scandalous groups in the third world countries they serve.

  4. There lack of support for the Right to life cause is
    also evidenced in the failure to rescind the Winnipeg Statement. It is more pervasive than just their
    treatment of LSN. The silence with which the abortion issue is dealt in most parishes is deafening.
    A lot of prayer is needed.
    God Bless
    Kevin Murphy

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