Werner’s Wights

I don’t know too much about Werner Patels, but from his commentary on free speech below, this guy has some pretty lame and muddled thinking.  Here are a couple of juicy paragraphs from one of his articles I stumbled across. I’m so sick of this stupidity, I just have to say something…

The right to free speech comes with responsibility, just like driving a motor vehicle. Use your vehicle in an irresponsible fashion, and you will lose the privilege of driving it. The same is true of free speech: This right must be exercised with great care and responsibility because speech has a huge potential for fender-benders and complete write-offs.

Huh? First of all, you’ve got to figure out if free speech is a right or a privilege, Werner.  In the span of 2 sentences you can’t make up your mind.  And who, just out of curiosity, will determine which citizens lose their “privilege”?  Stephen Harper, perhaps?

Secondly, did you come up with the motor vehicle example all by yourself?  I can believe it.   The reason the government takes away someone’s license to drive, Werner, is because the person has been assessed as a threat to someone’s PHYSICAL safety.  How does that equate with free speech (outside of incitement to violence)?  Let me help you out, there, Werner, it does not.   But since you are so intellectual in drawing on such complex analogies in explaining how free speech is not a right, let me continue on with your motor vehicle analogy.  If you want to compare free speech to a car, then it’s really about, not the person’s driving, but about the colour of the car.  You might find the car’s bright pink colour rather distateful, but no government is going to seize your license because some doofus on the street doesn’t like your pink cadillac.

Freedom of speech cannot be taken away from anyone, but if someone does not use sound judgment in the exercise of this right, punishment can certainly be meted out after the fact – for example, in the form of legal action and monetary awards – to teach the irresponsible perpetrator a lesson as well as to deter others from shirking their responsibilities in the context of free speech.

Dear Werner:

I do not understand what it is with the Left and money.  Health care is not free. We’re taxed for it.  But free speech is free (or at least should be) and should not be taxed.  I am sorry you cannot comprehend such a basic principle:  taxing someone for the right to speak means that the speech is no longer free.  Once you start levying fines and other punitive measures, you indeed have taken away free speech.  Something tells me if the Left started getting hit by such monetary punishments, there would be a tornado in that political spectrum suddenly finding their democratic wind.

What a pathetic defense, Werner.  Try again.

3 thoughts on “Werner’s Wights

  1. Don’t thank goodness to soon he sounds a lot like the popular media and might be hired soon as an executive of the CBC or one of our other popular media outlets.

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