We’re waiting.

So the Plenary Assembly of Canada’s Bishops ends tomorrow (Friday).  We pray and hope that the Ad Hoc Committee responsible for cleaning up Development & Peace did its job, and that we will soon learn of its contents.

On the other hand, maybe D&P will sic their lawyers on the bishops to prevent them from releasing the report  😀 .

Whatever happens tomorrow or early next week, things are going to change in the “social justice” gig in Canada forever.  We’ve waited almost 2 damn years for this garbage to be cleaned up.  And we’re not going to wait anymore.  Frankly, it’s time for the bishops to sit down and do the business or get off the pot. (Believe me, if this scandal was about bottled water, they’d be choking on Al Gore’s gas fumes to get the thing fixed.)

#1 – If the report makes the right recommendations and neuters Development & Peace, mission accomplished and the blood money stops.

#2 – If the report does not recommend the necessary changes, this current crop of bishops can kiss their credibility on Life issues goodbye for the rest of their “careers”. Even the good things the precious few of them do on Life issues will always have an asterix * by them.   Needless to say, lack of credibility and lack of trust will have real consequences to the unity of the Church and the financial support a bishop can expect.  If we can’t trust you with something so basic as cleaning up this scandal and that you are still kosher with it, then we can’t trust you with much at all, can we?

#3 – If there is no report released and changes are not forthcoming and it’s just business as usual, see #2.


* – Failed to stop Catholic donations being sent to  fund radical and militant Marxist, pro-abort, anti-Catholic groups in the Global South.


4 thoughts on “We’re waiting.

  1. Personally, I don’t think this will resonate much with the average Catholic in the pews (if they are even there to begin with). Mind you they rarely care about their bishops anyways unless they make something profound and anger the liberal media.

    You Know Pacheco, I can bet you that this won’t resonate with many people because 1) They were poorly catechized at all levels to begin with and 2) They don’t understand the gravity of this issue or that it is even happening in the Canadian Catholic Church. Maybe you should start doing a coouple of road trips and speaking about this outside your blog. Course you will have to find more traditionally minded parishes and (if they exist and haven’t gone off to Rome) bishops you can align yourself with. Wake up the sleeping giant so to speak.

  2. The only way I see them banning you John is if they inform you personally or they throw you out at the door. Then the faithful and the good Bishops will know of their evil. They never threw out Professor Tom Landers from the Vatican library where he did his research or anywhere else.

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