We’re not occupying anything and we are not socialist either

Must Reads on the New Vatican Document.

The document recently released by the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace on the current economic turmoil carries no magisterial weight and even if did, Catholics could disagree with it.

The problem today is that Catholics don’t know what they can legitimately dissent from and what they cannot.

The creation of a central body the way Socialists want is NOT the answer.  The exact OPPOSITE is the answer.

The problem with focusing on form instead of substance is that it can lead to totalitarianism.

If the Catholic Church’s official organs concentrated on transforming the inner person through the preaching of the Gospel instead of wading into the politics of proposing more damn useless structures, we would be much farther ahead.

More structures and regulations are for a society which is corrupt.  It has to rely on the external trappings of control and form in order to put off the inevitable but the inevitable always comes.  Why?  Because without authentic internal ethical or moral guidelines based on a Christian culture, society eventually collapses.  Why?  Because God invented it that way to show He’s no fool and we are, if we think we can go on as we have.

When a society is as corrupt as we are, no amount of law or regulations or stipulations will save us.  The outside might be beautiful but that’s not what holds up the house.

One thought on “We’re not occupying anything and we are not socialist either

  1. Why do these guys think they know something about economics when they do not. We live in an imperfect world and the best we can do is to try for as much competition as possible to maximize output. The church’s credibility is being degraded by these unwarranted forays into areas where they have no mandate. Justice and Peace is a front for socialism which is a threat to religious freedom and a disaster as an economic system. It makes me very concerned that communists have infiltrated to the highest levels.

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