We’re Back Again

“No pregnant woman should ever have to choose between protecting herself and protecting her baby,” said Conservative Member of Parliament Rod Bruinooge as he spoke in the first hour of debate today on “Roxanne’s Law”….(Source)

The momentum is with us. And no power on this earth or under the earth is going to stop it.

Remember what I said?  2010 – the year that abortion politics in Canada shifted.

And we’re gonna keep coming back too…until Abortion’s ass is kicked for good.

5 thoughts on “We’re Back Again

  1. Politicians like Rod Bruinooge are the ones we ought to be supporting, and electing. Our laws are made in our Legislatures and Parliament where Bills are passed into law, or rejected by majority vote. In a democracy the citizens are responsible for electing men and women who value life, instead of electing and giving millions of taxpayers dollars to the pro-abortion SOW’S.

  2. Conservative MP Rod Bruinooge.
    An Act to Prevent Coercion of Pregnant Women to Abort ( Roxanne’s Law ) BILL C-510.

    Roxanne’s Law, Bill C-510 would communicate to all Canadians that coercing a woman to end her pregnancy against her will is wrong, and unacceptable in a country that values compassion, justice and human rights.

    Politics is overwhelmingly significant as the politicians we support and elect, pass or reject Bills into law, in our Legislatures and Parliament.

    We will see how MP’s vote on Bill C-510 and who they are? It’s about time to stand for reason and get involved in politics to support politicians who value life. Traditionalists did this once to get the age of sex consent raised in Canada to protect children in 2008.

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