Well, if it’s a fight they want…

…One result is that donations during this crucial fundraising campaign, a campaign we rely upon to sustain us until mid-June, have been lower than they should be.  For instance, some of our previous donors have informed us that it is due to their confusion over the Development & Peace matter that they are not donating. They have never had to question the honesty of some notable Church representatives and find this difficult to deal with.

Additionally, there are other negative results of the determined slander campaign. An example of one of these is the very sensitive issue of Zenit News agency refusing to run a paid ad for LifeSiteNews.  This was totally unexpected and is painful to report.

Late last year Zenit, with whom we have always had a positive relationship, began a new program of adding a paid ad to the top of their daily news email to their hundreds of thousands of subscribers in many nations. We immediately saw this as a great opportunity to expand our readership into an international market that would likely be very receptive to our news service.

Here is the ad text that we placed into Zenit’s automated ad creation system:

Title: “Indispensible” News on Life, Family, Culture
Text: Fr. Thomas Euteneuer, Human Life International – “LifeSiteNews is literally the best and most reliable source of information on the Church as it engages in mortal combat with the culture of death.”
Austin Ruse, C-Fam – LifeSiteNews is “indispensible.”

News on our website or free daily news emails – comprehensive, truthful, faithful to Catholic principles.

When the Jan. 11 date came on which our ad was supposed to show, the ad was surprisingly not there.

I called Zenit and to my shock learned that it had been declined, although we were never advised of this. When I spoke with Zenit’s US Bureau Chief and asked the reasons behind their decision, which I found odd since they have used LifeSiteNews stories in the past, she told me it was based on our conflicts with various bishops over D&P. A  number of calls and respectful emails to Zenit management for further clarification received no response.

And yet, Zenit had published an article on the D&P controversy written by Salt&Life television, which is managed by Fr, Tom Rosica who has been a severe critic of our D&P reports. Zenit did not contact LSN for our side of this issue or publish any of our reports on it – even the one from the Peruvian bishops pleading for a halt to D&P funding of pro-abortion groups in their country – or the one about a D&P funded group backing a family planning bill intensely opposed by the bishops of the Phillipines.

However, it is not my intention to point fingers at Zenit. They are an excellent service to the Catholic Church, their staff are exceptional and we still hold them in high regard.  But this situation is important to mention because it demonstrates the continuing negative effect of the campaign by Development and Peace and its allies to poison others with unfounded information, unjustly malign our reputation and divert attention away from the facts.

While we are used to verbal backlash, and proudly stand on the side of Truth, D&P’s scathing attacks are truly costing us. We have been shut out of an important opportunity to reach a large international market of people who would very likely benefit from reading our reports and consequently bring about much needed cultural change.

I am sure that you can relate with me when I tell you that often times I feel powerless in this fight for the Truth. But at the end of the day, we both know where true power comes from….(Source)

Folks, if it is not clear by now, it should be.  We are in the fight of our lives for the soul of the Church.

The establishment is closing ranks, seeking to cover-up their activities and stop anyone or anything who is trying to get at the truth of things.

If it’s a fight they want, they’re going to get it.  They have a lot more to lose in terms of “reputation” and money than the Catholic blogosphere does.

They ain’t seen nothing yet.  The bishops are soon going to have to choose which side they are on.  And I intend to push the envelope when the time comes too.


4 thoughts on “Well, if it’s a fight they want…

  1. Now who will stand for truth when the prophet – ie. Zenith – will cower before King and priest. Who will God send to warn his people and call them from sin back to his truth and law???

    Let me tell you whom God will send: the simple commoner – ie. mere laypeople of little repute will little power. Should this last and final means fail to correct the situation, God will be forced to send his three horsemen, meaning war, famine and death. Finally he will send his only Son. This time however let everyone be assured they will not put him to death like they did the last time because He will returning as the rider on the white stead in revelations 19 to overthrow the false and evil leaders of our time who pasture humanity for their profit and abuse (corrupt, exploit, persecute) his chosen faithful.

    Albert Cote

  2. John, do you have charity status. I’m looking at putting my money where it can do the most harm to Satan’s work. I am sick and tired of all the fake christians including priests and bishops sucking all the money and garnering all the favor while giving back nothing – they refuse to fight evil and denounce falsehood and the people perish for lack of knowledge (teaching) and edification (examples)


  3. Hi Albert,

    No. In fact, I would say that to do most harm to Satan’s work is to put your money with a group that does not have charity status.

    Donate to LifeSiteNews.

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