Welcome to the new drunk, same as the old drunk

Dr. Nutt has developed an alcohol substitute that he said mimics the relaxation and sociability that comes with drinking, but comes without many of drinking’s nasty side effects, such as aggression and addiction. Take a pill, and the effects disappear. (Source)

Any Christian with basic formation knows that the one attribute that distinguishes humans from every other life form on earth is our spiritual soul which provides us with intellect and free will. This is the Crown Jewel of our “anatomy”, which makes us human rather than animal. One should not forfeit such a treasure without proper cause.

Dr. Nutts’ invention, while well-intentioned, doesn’t avoid drunkenness. Intellect and free will would still be forfeited for a brief time of pleasure. Who knows how much harm a drunk will do before he takes the magic pill. And who’s going to feed it to him? Certainly the drunk won’t look after himself.

The claims of “no addiction” are also misleading. Any recovering alcoholic or junkie will tell you that the chemical addiction is only part of the problem. The biggest challenge is the mental and emotional addiction to the flight from reality. Dr. Nutts’ invention won’t change that either.

This whole notion of getting drunk without the side effects strikes me as a further step down the infantilization of society. People want pleasure 24/7 without any of the consequences. That’s how children think, not adults. That childish attitude spills over into every aspect of life and inevitably leads to a generalized abandonment of personal responsibility. It’s also a testament to how sad people are, deep down. Happy people don’t need to get drunk.

Only Christ can fully redeem our disordered desire for drunkenness and the impulses which drive us to seek it. Only He can bring the peace and joy that drunks seek by fleeing reality. No cosmic force or magic brew will do.

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