+ Weisgerber to receive Order of Canada

I saw the story referred to here a couple of days ago, too, but I figured…

…what’s the point of even bothering to complain?  It’s like we speak a different language.  Remember +Weisgerber’s involvement in the D&P fiasco?

The old guard just doesn’t understand or accept that abortion is the same as genocide.  That, or they are so lustful for recognition or praise, they just take a pass on their moral responsibilities regarding these “awards”.

Any award or honour is only good as the least worthy who receive it.  Sorry, that’s just the way these things work.  Guilt by association….it’s a Pauline thing.

7 thoughts on “+ Weisgerber to receive Order of Canada

  1. It seems anyone can qualify for the Order of Canada. Are there any mainstream entertainers, broadcasters, “artists” or novelists who HAVEN’T received it?

    It has become so cheap.

    Let the Archbishop have his award, it makes no difference to the rest of the world.

  2. If we are honest with ourselves we cannot say that we desire a better country when we have recognized and awarded an abortionist with the Order of Canada. How can we claim that he “enriched the lives of others” by killing them in the womb even before they had a chance at life? For this reason, we suggest that Archbishop Weisgerber as a Catholic leader to have the courage and the good sense to do the same thing: to respectfully say no to the Order of Canada. Of course, the decision is his to make. You may wish to read my whole blog entry on this,

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