One thought on “Wearing the symbol is not just a fashion statement

  1. How long have good people been telling you that when you trade The Christian Perspective politically in Government, Law and Education ,for so-called “neutral” Secularism you get the imposed tyranny of this Secular Pagan Worldview?

    As Christians you are supposed to have the mind of Christ, if you are His,don’t you think? Why did most Democratic Western voting citizens let the majority of Politicians ,Lawyers,Education Establishments,Popular Media Moguls, The Supreme Court Justices etc.,talk you into accepting so-called “neutral” Secularism as your “Official State Worldview/Religion,” starting in 1962? Before this Western schoolchildren started their mornings with “The Lord’s Prayer”,led by their teachers. “The Ten Commandments”, were on Government,Courtroom,Schoolhouse walls and in citizens hearts and MINDS! If Christ was still in Government, Law and Education, we would not permit Canadian and Western Children to be sexually exploited, by perverted adult schoolteachers,homosexual activists and worldviews,as POLITICALLY legalized so-called human rights. Less than 2% of the population,POLITICALLY united to get elected POLITICIANS to pass Bills into Law, thereby allowing adult schoolteachers and homosexual activists etc., to normalize,and condition all impressionable schoolchildren into accepting homosexuality,transgenderism,and promiscuity etc., as normal behaviors,as legalized human rights. If “anyone” disagrees with the Religious Secular Schoolteachers,and homosexual activists etc., indoctrinating innocent schoolchildren in schools as legalized so-called human rights, they are name called homophobic, or much worse. Heterosexuals reproduce,but homosexuals now legally recruit schoolchildren in schools as human rights. Be careful what you POLITICALLY ALLOW TO BE LEGALIZED, as Roten law takes time and hard work to Politically reverse. Remember “PAGAN ROME” where the incidence of homosexuality is clearly influenced by mores. Where “Government” and “Priests” endorse, and encourage homosexuality, the incidence increases, where they reject this it decreases. Homosexuals clearly politically organized to get their numbers increased, by POLITICALLY legalizing SODOMY etc., and conditioning all innocent impressionable schoolchildren in schools,as so called legalized human rights.

    One of the History books I studied was “The Rise And Fall Of The Third Reich”.
    This eye witness account was written by William L.Shirer. These are his views of Ernst Roehm and the Nazis, A tough, ruthless,driving man albeit like so many early Nazis a homosexual , he helped to organize the first Nazi strong arm squads. Without his help Adolf Hitler probably could never have got a real start in his campaign to incite the people to overthrow the Republic.
    This was common knowledge until so-called “neutral” Secularism started to rewrite Western History after 1962 when Christless Secularism became the official Western State Worldview/Religion,and Christianity POLITICALLY unconstitutional.

    These are Adolf Hitler’s words inscribed over a gas oven in Auschwitz,” I want to raise a generation of young people devoid of a conscience, imperious ,relentless and cruel”. Totalitarian Governments,and the majority of the public who love them, always start conditioning children in schools,thus indoctrinating almost everyone. The ones who disagree with their worldview are name called no-persons, and naturally SELECTED for death,re-education etc.

    The Official State Worldview/Religion of Christless Democratic Secularism is now doing the same, with the majority of voting publics blessing. Canadian and Western politicians,that the voting public elects to rule them,and their children pass Bills into Law that everyone has to live by as human rights,and social justices starting with Kindergarteners. Do you ever wonder what the Churches of Sodom and Gomorrah were like?

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