Wealth Redistribution for Development & Peace

As I pointed out in my earlier entry on Development & Peace,  the amount of money the Bishops of Canada contribute to their official life and family organization, the Canadian Organization for Life and Family, or COLF, for short, is not in the same stratosphere of what gets injected into Development & Peace.   It’s a joke really. I think it’s a buzulllion times more money, or half a billion if you are counting. 

It’s a disgrace and it’s ridiculous.  

You know, spending money on bottled water campaigns when unborn children are being torn from limb to limb around the world kind of summarizes the priorities of the bishops of Canada — at least it did for — oh let’s see – the LAST 40+ YEARS. 

But now things are changing, or so they tell us. 

We’ll find out soon if it was a bald-faced lie (and we’ll call it that if things don’t turn around “quick like”),  or if they were serious.

One of the requirements of being serious about a turnaround is where one is putting one’s cash.  Where your cash is, there is your heart.   Now that Development & Peace is peeling off close to 50% of its partners, does that mean 50% of its budget is going to get slashed by the same proportion?  Or is it going to spend its money on going after larger water bottles, instead? 

You would think that COLF and other pro-life groups in Canada would see at least some part of that “social justice” pie. 

You would think.

The socialists are all for wealth redistribution. Here’s a great opportunity to administer some of their own medicine and re-distribute the wealth of the Catholic Church to where it is most desperately needed:  the unborn child.

Unborn children are more important than banning %!&%$&*$!% water bottles.


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