We wanted food and water and the Wealthy Nations gave us condoms

Remember what I said here?

Whenever an emergency or natural disaster hits, so does, unfortuntately, massive fraud. The hucksters are always out to either profit or push their agenda. Remember 9/11 and Planned Parenthood?
PPFA practices a very selective form of generosity to the victims of horrible tragedy. After so many lost their lives in the 9/11 terrorist attack, the January 2006 Sago Mine disaster, and Hurricane Katrina, PPFA offered relief to survivors … in the form of free birth control and abortions. (Source)

…Ugochukwu expressed exasperation that Canada, the US and Europe wasted most of the time at UN conferences trying to gain approval for homosexuality while the needs of African women such as food, shelter, and clean drinking water were largely ignored.  “[B]ig organizations,” she said, “spend so much money, but when they find out you are dealing with all that [dying children and mothers] they are not interested. You have to say you are dealing with reproductive rights before you are given support.” Ugochukwu concluded, “[Westerners] now come in with condoms – condoms are everywhere! They spend so much money on condoms and they make our children promiscuous. They say it will stop AIDS – but it is getting worse! It makes no sense to me.”

Like I said, folks, don’t be the useful idiots of the social justice clique in the world. Stop donating to these organizations. 

How much of D&P’s money is going to their three pro-abort, pro-condom-pushing partners in Haiti, by the way? 

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