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Socon or Bust is a modest blog as far as traffic goes.  I get a few hundred views on average per day.  That’s pretty small peanuts.  I’m not into exaggerating my abilities or into self-promotion. That’s not my gig. If you’re looking for popularity, this is not the place to come. When the scandals hit though, my stats go through the roof.  CHRC Free Speech controversy after the Lemire hearing, D&P Abortion scandal, the Kennedy Funeral scandal, and now the Gaillardetz visit. 

Some times I expect some entries to be very popular, but they don’t end up being so, while others are unexpectedly very popular.  One of the recent entries which was strangely very popular was this one, asking, Who invited Gaillardetz?  Obviously, that was a pretty popular question to ask…and a relevant one too.  However, Gaillardetz is not the real problem. He’ll be long gone after the Plenary Assembly, but the guy who brought him in is still here in our midst.

As Catholics we have a right to know just who asked Gaillardetz to this Assembly

At the annual Plenary Assembly of the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops (CCCB), Oct. 16-18 2006, retired Washington, D.C. Cardinal Theodore McCarrick gave an address on Catholic involvement in political life.  During the US Bishops’ debate on denying pro-abort Catholic politicians the Eucharist, Cardinal McCarrick concealed from his brother bishops then-Cardinal Ratzinger’s intervention confirming that communion must be denied. Of course, we all know about his enthusiastic involvement in the Kennedy funeral too and his past support for homosexual civil unions and his insistence in ordaining homosexuals to the priesthood.

I’ve also read a disturbing, yet very credible allegation from a very credible source about Cardinal McCarrick’s personal life.  There’s no need to repeat it here, except to say it’s very relevant to what’s going on around us today.

So, I want to ask the question again:  Who asked Cardinal McCarrick to address the Canadian Catholic Bishops?


By the way, sometimes the CCCB drops by this blog. In case there is someone working there who is favourable to blowing the roof off of the scandals that are perculating over there, here is your chance to spill the beans.  Be our mole and send us the goods on who is inviting these dissenters.

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  1. I agree with Mr. Pacheco. Indeed, if Cardinal McCarrick supported ordaining homosexuals to the priesthood, I have difficulty understanding why the CCCB extended an invitation to him to have him address the Plenary Assembly.

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