3 thoughts on “We shall not bow to the false marriage god at the Synod

  1. Real Christians seem to be only a remnant in The so-called “neutral” Politically Correct Secular Western Civilization,as so-called neutral Secularism imposes it’s evil laws by force,even to Kindergarteners using adult school teachers,homosexual activists etc.

  2. “We shall not bow to the false marriage god at the Synod”

    Right, I won’t either.

    Unfortunately, many of the bishops will. You can bet on that. The upcoming synod, like the one, this past October, will be stacked in favour of this false god. Will there be a strong minority of Catholic bishops, large enough, that will, like at the recent synod, successfully block the false marriage designs of Bergoglio and company? I don’t think so. Today’s bishops have been deeply marinated in the re-packaged Modernism, that triumphed fifty years ago. It is almost impossible for them to think and act outside this box. The “Spell” of Vatican II is a powerful narcotic. They know nothing else. Bishop Athanasius Schneider and Cardinal Raymond Burke are examples of prelates, who at least, publicly, have shown some courage to maintain Catholic integrity. I despair that this false marriage god will be approved. It is what society, at large, wants and takes for granted, anyway. And the bishops, evolving opportunists that they are, will go along, with what is currently “safe.” Catholic truth be damned.

    Deliver us, O Lord, from the negligence, of the bishops.

    • Brian, Christianity in Western Democratic Civilization’s Government,Law and Education has been politically and legally rejected since Judges, Politicians,and the popular media moguls declared it “unconstitutional”in 1962 in favour of so-called”neutral”Politically Correct Christless Secularism.A new religion-worldview was thus accepted by Western Democracies,where schoolchildren started every school morning with The Lord’s Prayer until the mid-1960’s,now the tenets of so-called neutral Christless secularism started to be normalized, as legalized so-called “neutral” human rights.Thus Christless Communism and Democratic Christless so-called “neutral” Secularism impose their values using the same methods.

      Before Roman Emperor Constantine converted to Christianity about the year 307,Christians were persecuted in every way and murdered for sport,by government decree.

      Secular Christless democratic so-called “neutral”governments are decreeing Christian values illegal. When democratic voting so-called Catholics and The Protestant Cults vote for Christless so-called neutral Secular Governments,then the so-called Catholic and Protesting Catholic Bishops of the Protestant Cults can only legally and politically operate as Christless Seculars, or become real Christians which Christless so-called “neutral”Secular Pagan Governments persecute.

      In Democracies if the voting public decides they have had enough of so-called “neutral”Secular Paganism, they can organise politically in mass to democratically change this imposed so-called neutral tyranny,which is indoctrinating innocent,impressionable schoolchildren into this so called “neutral” Christless secular worldview-religion.In democracies the laws reflect the values of the voting public.Politically Correct so-called “neutral”ideology has so dumbed down Western society through Government,Courts,Schools and The Popular Media that they can be talked into legalizing anything.This did not occur in a vacuum, but under the very noses of the ones who say,”how did this happen?” Like the proverbial frog in the pot,the temperature has been turned up so slowly by so-called “neutral”Politically Correct Christless Secularism that the so-called Catholic and Protestant sot doesn’t realize his goose is cooked,or does he?

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