We Remember

Today is Remembrance Day, the day we honour all of our fallen heroes for their bravery and resilience in fighting against totalitarian regimes.  Their collective sacrifice for their countries and their families is not something common in many Western countries today.  They saw the evil and they signed up to confront it — even if it meant losing their lives over it.  Today, we don’t confront evil.  We accommodate and relativize it away.  A good segment of the wacky Left even goes so far as to blame the victim instead of the enemy in a wild death wish against western civilization.

We also remember the innocent lives that were snuffed out by cruel and malevolent forces.  In many ways, the pro-life movement and its leaders are the new freedom fighters, fighting a silent holocaust, stretching over decades and costing, exponentially,  many more lives. 

Their time is coming too to sacrifice for the defenseless.

Tyranny does not always impose itself with conventional guns and bombs, and its opponents do not always wear helmets and boots.

2 thoughts on “We Remember

  1. Yesterday, Nov. 11th, God put on my heart to cover my “I regret my abortion” message temporarily for the occasion of Remembrance for all
    who have died and especially for those who are not even acknowledged-
    the untold millions in the womb turned tomb, by the scourge of abortion.

    I walked up to the Memorial sight, with my sign and a capsulized version
    of its whole message was Our Veterans dies so we could live , remember
    all those who die and have died from abortion which has killed more than
    all the wars put together. I also said Stop this and Pray for an end to it.
    I showed a picture of a baby being held by two hands.

    People looked and read.
    One woman took a photo, then said to me . “That is the most inappropriate
    thing I have ever seen.”

    I guess remembering the murders of the most innocent is not politically
    correct or “appropriate”.

  2. Canada was a Christian country of sorts and we did pray and read the Bible in our education establishments too, but not any more. Our people are educated in Godless Darwinian Humanist Atheist State schools now. Our lawyers and Humanist educated elite have taken Christianity out of law and education, and have turned Canada into a Nation of Bastards according to professor Farrow. Canada is doing what the Nazi lawyers and judges did. They Made over 400 laws to justify “The Final Solution” to keep their race pure, as Charles Darwin’s science indicated. After the war the Nuremberg Military Tribunal, indicted Nazi’s for encouraging and compelling abortions, which it considered crimes against humanity. Now in the guise of separation of Church and State the Humanist elite have separated Christianity from our education, law and meaningfull Christianity from our culture. Thus our laws, education and culture kills people who need our protection the most.

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