We need more confidence in Christ and the Gospel

Another solid slapshot from Bishop Thomas Olmsted of Phoenix :

To trust the truth is to trust Christ and to trust that His Gospel of Life is truly Good News for the world. … Truth and faith are bound together. Faith opens the door to truths that reason alone could never come to know. …

Because vociferous sectors of our skeptical culture harshly criticize truths of faith—especially those about marriage, human life and religious liberty—a number of Catholics, even some of our clergy, have lost confidence in some of the tough truths that come to us from Christ through the Church.

Such loss of confidence impedes our ability to stand up for the rights of the most vulnerable in society and to bear convincing witness to the Gospel. In a skeptical age, our American continent needs from us a humble yet confident witness to the truth that finds it fullness in our Savior. (Source)

I certainly recognize myself in this comment. Although I fully believe the Gospel message, I often find myself too shy to speak up because I fear my words won’t be well received. I (we) need to have more confidence in the power of the Gospel, which is not merely a human message but is full of the power of God.

It’s also good to keep in mind that evangelization is not about me or my feelings. It’s about partnering with God to conspire to save a soul. It doesn’t matter if it doesn’t feel warm and fuzzy in my tummy while I’m doing it.

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