We Need A Rally for Mark Steyn and Free Speech


March for Marriage & Freedom

April 9, 2005

15,000-20,000 people

…problem is I don’t know how much Canadians really give a damn about freedom of speech. As long as the money keeps rolling in and the digital TV signal is beaming, who the hell cares about anything else?

Having organized a few of these things, I can tell you that it is not that easy to get the numbers out. In fact, to get over 10,000, it’s a gargantuan task involving many networks of people. Heck, to get a few thousand is no walk in the park either.

So, to make it worth it, you either need

1) A number of networks who are on board


2) Something so mind boggingly serious that Joe & Jill Canadian are willing to fork out the travel expenses to attend.

#1 is not likely to apply in this case.  #2 is also doubtful, although possible.

Maybe with the blogosphere, we can get the word out.  Are people pissed off enough to shell out and show up? That is the salient question.

I contacted Michael Coren, and he’s hip to the idea of being a potential speaker, but we need some other heavy hitters to pull this thing off.

Who’s gonna ride with me on this?

One thought on “We Need A Rally for Mark Steyn and Free Speech

  1. I’m there. I think you could get a couple of thousand to go. There are so many people who have a vested interest in this that if our networks are good, we can get maybe 2-3000 to come.

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