We Need A Catholic Men’s Group

…Sr. Joan Cronin, executive director of the Institute for Catholic Education, co-presented the workshop for Catholics on “religious accommodation”, where they discussed a scenario in which a father was upset that the reading list for his daughter’s grade 6 class included a book depicting two “fathers” in a same-sex “marriage”… (Source)

There comes a point where we have to stop giving a shit about what these people do or say, frankly, and take the bull by the horns and start building society again ourselves.   And we’re basically on our own too.  There’s nobody in the Church establishment – bishop or bureaucrat – that is going to stick their necks out for us.  Too much to lose, you see.

I think that we are all at the point where, unless we take matters into our own hands, our grandchildren (or even children) will bleed martyr’s blood if they want to keep their Faith.  That’s where we’re at today.  And no amount of pointing out the obvious to Church authorities is going to change that.   They are simply not on our side or don’t want to pay the price to be on our side.

So basically, they’re museum pieces we need to step over to get to where we need to be.

So, what are we left to do?

We need to form a Church within the Church.  In fact, that’s already happened, although informally.

Maybe as Catholic Men, we need to form an organization.  I am sure that many Catholic Men and Fathers reading the daily garbage being dumped on our children are looking for an outlet to unify and push back.

We need real men to rise up and put the feminists and the limp men who have places of authority in the Church in their  place.

12 thoughts on “We Need A Catholic Men’s Group

  1. Me too.Boy does that hit the right chord.I am sick of pusillamious Bishops and their PC COWARDLY LION ACT.If they’re not going to lead they should get the hell out of the way.It’s sad when I have to seek out orthodoxy from Michael Voris,but thank God for him.I’ve had to endure a finger shaking lecture from my Parish Priest because of my emailing the CCCB about the interminable D+P scandal-my vocalizing within my parish how contibution envelopes should be returned with justified criticism written on them;my criticism of the excreble Bishops of Quebec for their seemingly tacit approval of the cancer,Fr.Gravel;for criticizing the Bishop of Antigonish for INVITING an embittered ex-priest to give a talk on so-called same-sex marriage,approval of homosexual genital relations and te glories of abortion.
    I’d go real Orthodox if I did not believe they were schismatic.Give me MEN like Pell,Oullet,Henry,and Chaput instead of the current sad sacks.We have EVERY right as Catholics to remonstrate with other Catholics who are in error,especially those in leadership roles.What better example than St Paul criticising our first pope,St Peter on the occasion of his hypocricy-he was infallible not impeccable.
    I tell my son that he must be willing to die for his Faith and that he or certainly his children must be prepared for martyrdom.

  2. Just a warning guys. I have seen an effort or two to fight feminism’s grip on society via a pro-man blog on the internet. One guy put a link to his project where he wanted us to post papers with links to websites with stats: http://www.singularity2050.com/2011/01/the-time-has-arrived.html. Read the whole entry though, and you will see where this may end up for us.

    Guaranteed the radical fems and the brainwashed majority won’t let us do this peacefully and would go as far as violence or abuse of the cops to silence us, even if we burned our tighty whiteys in public like the bra burnings of the 60’s.

    FYI, here’s the excellent blog I was referring to. Dr Helen Smith is female, pro-conservative, pro-male, anti-feminist. She is intelligent enough to see the lies in our society and she isn’t even a known Christian: http://drhelen.blogspot.com/

    I dunno, but something in the back of my head tells me we good Catholic men and women (the ones that know their faith and aren’t poisoned by feminism) shoud combine all our money, buy out farmland and renovate to become/buy out a EF form church, and live in gated Catholic Communities. Society is burning down and we’ll all die with it.

  3. I’m just throwing out the idea right now guys. But what I envision here is a few things…

    1) A website

    2) Setup of a prayer group in each diocese…

    3) Annual Men’s Conference with fantastic speakers

    Any other suggestions?

    The organization would be open to all Catholic Men & Fathers…and even non-Catholics if they have no problem participating in our events and share our socon beliefs.

  4. There’s already a wonderful Catholic Men’s Conference that occurs every year in Boston. They bring in big-time speakers. I attended a few years ago (2005?) Several thousand men attended. Sometimes they do a women’s conference the day before, so you can go down with your wife and each have your own conference.


  5. So is Real Women, the woman’s group who the late professor Tom Landers introduced me to. This group has a number of Catholic women and guest speaker’s. Tom gave me a book written by a Catholic Lady Kate O’ Beirne titled, Women Who Make The World Worse, but there are an equal number of so-called men who are doing the same. Professor Douglas Farrow wrote,”Nation of Bastards.” I almost wrote, Nation of Idiots, but Tom said no-one would buy it if I called them that. Tom believed our men would listen to reason and the floodgates of support would open, after we worked hard to raise the age of sex consent in 2008. The same rotten MP’s that were against raising the age of sex consent putting Canadian Children at risk, and thereby legally allowing Canada to be the legal playground for sex-trafficer’s and pedophiles, the majority of NDP’s ,LIB’s, and Bloc’s are for Bill C-389 The Transgendered Bathroom Bill. This Bill adds the terms Gender Identity and Gender Expression to The Canadian Human Rights Act. This would allow men to get access by right to use woman’s bathrooms, thereby providing the legitimized access that sexual predators desire. This puts Canadian women and children at great risk.

  6. I was raised on a stock farm and our women worked as hard as any man, and we didn’t let men get legal access to woman’s bathrooms. With Burnaby Douglas NDP MP Bill Siksay’s Bill C-389 The Transgendered Bathroom Bill that will add the terms Gender Identity and Gender Expression to The Canadian Human Rights Act. This will allow men to gain legal access by right to use woman’s bathrooms, thereby providing the legitimized access that sexual predator’s desire. This puts Canadian women and children at great risk. The Courts and Police will do to anyone who objects to their worldview exactly what they did to Ruth Lobo. Canadians what have you become? There doesn’t appear to be many real men left in Canada Bill C-389 has passed Parliament and now is in the Senate. Please get hold of your Senators and ask them to put an end to this bad legislation. In 2008 we worked very hard to overturn bad Supreme Court Law and bad Legislation. Concerned citizens can do the same with Bill C-389 that has passed Parliament and now is before The Senate.

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